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Cancer Sucks!

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After looking at the board today, just had to say it (again).  Not that I need to remind anyone here!

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Yea, it do....

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This sounds horrible and I don't wish cancer on anyone but why is it that all the good people get it and the child molesters and murderers can't be the ones who would get these horrible diseases as punishment? I know that sounds harsh but I can't help but ask myself why?

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me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes, cancer does "suck". I don't think you'll get an argument from anyone here. From the moment of Dx, our lives change forever. Cancer doesn't discriminate. Anyone, at any time can be stricken with this beast. 

I believe we all struggle with the question of "Why?" I know I have. We see the injustices in this world in every shape and form and ask that question. We're all subject to trials and tribulations in this life that test us to the very core of our being. 

The reality is sobering. I'm not a religious man but I am spiritual. As one who has looked death in the face several times in the last five years and now again with cancer, I have gained a sense of peace. I'm not afraid of the inevitable. 

It's hope and faith that we hold onto when life presents trials and tribulations. It's hope and faith we hold onto when things are out of our control. 

When I read posts like the passing of ChefDaddy's son and what's happening with Vivian and David and others, there is a sense of helplessness and sadness that overcomes me. All of us are on the same journey but we're at different points along the path. Inevitably our destination is the same. What's important is how we get there. 

So today, when I read this post and the others I mentioned, I turned to the words of King Solomon. I recommend taking a moment to read the Book of Ecclesiastes. I personally like the NLT version as it's more "conversational" in it's translation. 

I adopted his philosophy and do my best to live by his words. When you or your loved one is diagnosed with cancer, things of the world become superficial in comparison. 

(I paraphrase)....

"Eat. Drink. Enjoy the work you do. Be thankful for the blessings God gives you in this life. Live, LOVE and seek out the things that bring your heart joy. The rest is meaningless... like chasing the wind". 


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Cancer sucks. 

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T-Well said, thanks I need that today.

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Cancer SUCKS & so does treatment and between the 2 they never stop giving 

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I'm getting ready to sell the home I've raised my kids in and start a new adventure in Texas watch as sure as **** I will get real sick when we move. I'm Soon to be 49, worked hard and smart, did what was asked of me and for what, to shrivel up and die a miserable death. Now having cancer, I live the way I want to, and if someone does not like it, then F you!!

I am not normally of this mindset, but the beast can bring out the worst in us.

I love you guys!!


Posts: 298
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I spoke to Randy today (he awaits burial in our closet) and said to him - you worked SO HARD for all of this!  

Thanks for responding, everyone.  I assumed it would touch a nerve, especially with the sad news of late.




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Cancer certainly does suck!  Messes with your life (completely) and destroys some.  Some very beautiful unfortunate souls have to pay with everything. 



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D Lewis
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Really, washing my mouth out with soap won't help.


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Deb, is youe twounge tisted, and you can't streak spaight...

Billie (The GirL)..., like you, not that I'd wish it on anyone... But I often wonder why ones that are productive, do the right things, try to live a good life and get the disease. Then there are those, that do all of the wrong things in society, life miserable lifes, and don't...

Like I said many times now though...

In a lot of ways, cancer has made me a better person than I was before.... But that comes with a few bumbs and bruises for sure...


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