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4th go round

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My cancer has come back now for the 4th time.  They are trying Doxil (caleyx here in Canada) again.  I prevoiusly had that with carbopaltin on the 2nd recurrence and it worked to bring the numbers down that time.  Have had the first round of doxil and my numbers have increased by 150.  They say don't worry as this sometimes happens.  Easy for them to say but I'm now looking at another 4 weeks of worrying.  Has anybody else had an increase in numbers have the first dose?  Anybody else had 4 or recurrences?

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I'm so sorry your cancer is rearing its ugly head again.  My own journey has been different; I haven't experienced any recurrences but wanted you to know that I'm rooting for you from the sidelines and praying that the Doxil or another chemo cocktail will kick your cancer's butt for good!



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Very sorry to hear about your numbers going up. I hope Caleyx will turn things around on the second round.

Like Kelly I have not yet had a recurrence since my first-line chemo ended 4 months ago.

Where in Canada are you? I am in Toronto and go to Odette Cancer Center.

Virtual hugs - Alexandra

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I'm on the west coast, Nanaimo, BC.  Thanks for the support.


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After my first Doxil treatment in January I jumped from 116 to 190.  I have had three treatments now and my CA125 is at 146.  I will get my fourth treatement the first week in April.  

My original diagnosis (stage 3C) was in July of 2007.  This is my second recurrence.  The first time we retreated with the original drugs - carbo and taxol.  It bought me 6 months before my CA125 started going up again.  I started on monthly Doxil this January.  

Good luck - oh and I can say try not to worry.  Yea right.  But really  - give it some time. Waiting and not knowing is the worst!  We all know that.  Hang in there!

Keep us posted!  

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This is my 2nd recurrance of OVCA, 9 years between occurances.  Last year, 2011, it was breast cancer, with surgery only.  I am on the chemo dense treatment plan, started with carbo/platin the first 3 cycles, with shots of nuepagen for 2 days every 3 weeks.  I found this protocol much easier to tolerate and made sure I took all the anti-nausea meds I could get my hot little hands on. I was a little surprised that most of my hair has fallen out, but not everything.

4 weeks ago had an allergic reaction to the carbo, so tomorrow I start a doxil/taxol plan to finish the last 3 cycles.  After reading about the side effects I am not too thrilled. 

Best of luck to you!  I'll keep an eye on the CA-125 #.

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