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David & Vivian - updated

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Just wanted to bring this to the surface again for Vivian and David today.

They met with their doctor this morning, the hemotologist, and David's transplant is no longer a possibility. David will be receiving pallative care as they determine which of his cancers is the source of his brain leisions.

Vivian is beside herself today and David is being very quiet this morning.

They could use a lot of prayer and encouragement from us today..


Davids biopsy will be this Thursday. This will tell them if Davids issues are related to H&N or the bone marrow.

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Thanks for the added concern and update Kari...

Prayers are out for them both...

Wishing the very best of outcomes...., miracles do happen..

And as an old friend reminds us...BELIEVE.


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after all they've been through.....poor Vivian....I'm grateful they have their faith.....


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I went to bed praying for them and first thing when I woke up I prayed again. I certainly didn't want to hear that the bone marrow transplant is out of the mix now. This is just not right and I am so sad for them.

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My thoughts and prayers go out to David and Vivian . There is too much sadness on this board today and I am having to try to see thru my tears to type.



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thots and prayers going their way.

God bless,


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Yes I am running back here to my family who understand how terrible cancer is.  So many people are coming out of the wood woThey I wish they could just say they are sorry about this. Instead I here all these stupid platitudes and people trying to make themselves feel better. I feel kind of guilty because I called one of them out and told them they weren't helping.  All I need is a simple I'm sorry.  Well then they were embarrassed and I felt bad for letting my emotions get the best of me. I hate this I hate this I hate this.  I want my honeymoon. I want walks on the beach holding my husbands hand. Not this and I know he is getting tired of the fight. Seems as though he is making peace and I know he will be a kid when he gets to heaven. It is something he has always dreamed about. I know he is not dead yet, but without a miracle it's just a matter of time. 

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then a miracle is what we'll pray for!!  prayers coming your way.

God bless,


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Vivan, I am soooo sorry. I will be praying for a healing miracle for David. God Give you both strength, Rachel

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Of course, David and Vivian are in my daily prayers. I hope they both can find some peace. Rick.

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