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Sub-Mandiibular Carcinoma

Gene F.
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Joined: Mar 2013

Positive Diagnosis; Awaiting exam by ENT & Tests. Gonna be a long road, with a happy ending I'm praying.

Drawing strength from all of you, also, very helpful advice, thanks!

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Sorry you have to join our club ....it is a long road but well worth it to be around for family.  I was dx stage III base of tongue back in November 2011, finished my last treatment (tx) in Jan 2012 and I am pretty much back to normal with the typical side affects.

Whispered a prayer to add to your prayer that you will come out great and one day this will be a distant memory.  The grass will be greener and the sky more blue when this is all done my friend.



Gene F.
Posts: 4
Joined: Mar 2013

Thanks so much for the prayer & encouragement, Tim. As most other newly diagnosed, I have no idea as to what to expect, just trying to

learn all I can, and, support of others whom have "been there" are invaluable. Thanks, again!

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wish we could have met under different circumstances, tho.  You hit the jackpot finding this group of people.....you'll find a ton of support, kindness, and so much knowledge.  We'll hold your hand while you're on this bus.  Keep coming back.


Gene F.
Posts: 4
Joined: Mar 2013

Words cannot express the encouragement I've received from these people.  Thanks !!

Scared, I know I can do this and I will visit with you all every day!

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Joined: May 2012

Hi Gene,

Welcome to the H&N forum, sorry about why you are here.

Being scared is something we all have in common.  it gets better.  Your head will spin for a while as all the (treatment) pieces fall into place.  Check out the super thread at the top of page.  You will do fine.  Tons of advice available upon request.



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Hard to give you much advice or opinion at this point in your journey.

But one thing that holds true for most any treatment plan here...

Stay very well hydrated, take in calories in any manner that you can, stay positive and maintain a sense of humor...

Thoughts and Prayers,


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