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Discharge question?

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So, really didnt want to ask this. But I am 7 days out and I am still having that vaginal discharge. It is a yellow discharge but now some blood too is coming out. Is that normal. I have had a hysterectomy eleven yrs ago so not used to this blood. Is it normal? And I also cramp just like I am having a period. Anyone else have this happen or am I the only lucky one? Not!!

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I don't think I had discharge, but things were so oozey down there, I may have. I was told not to be startled by bloody discharges for some time after treatment. I wouldn't hesitate to ask the doctors or nurse any question at all that you are worried about. Anxiety is going to be present for some time and it is better to call than to worry.

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Bring this to the attention of your doctor.  It's probably nothing of concern, but I would let them know and they can decide if it needs to be checked out.

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I definately had discharge for several weeks after treatment ended although don't know if it was related in part to colostomy issues. I think its not uncommon, but do mention to your doctor. Think of the tender tissue that has been radiated, it will do all sorts of things as it heals, hang in there!!!

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I had lots of discharge and bits of bleeding after treatment and then it just stopped. I think this is normal. Hang in there. I'm praying for you

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Thanks Barb, I think it has lightened up a bit, but ready for it to all go away real soon :)


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