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Travel Insurance for Cancer - possible?

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Does anyone know of an insurance company who is willing to take on a pre-existing condition (rectal cancer)?  My dad wants to travel to Mexico for 10 days - we are in Canada.  Doctor said it would ok to fly and he's scheduling it in b/w his chemo, however, we want to get travel insurance for him should anything go wrong down there.  Also, he had surgery almost 4 weeks ago, recovering well from it, but that would be pre-existing as well.  is this possible?? anyone have a referral?

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I am not aware of any company. Steve and I have travelled without insurance for him. Very risky, I know. We do so with the plan of flying home immediately if problems develop. My brother is a Director at Air Canada, so he would help us get home. I would not recommend taking this route. But at the same time, I think it will be hard for him to find a company willing to take him on, at this point. (on chemo, recovering from surgery). Good luck.

(From Cornwall, Ontario)

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couldn't find anyone who will cover pre-existing conditions.  Will just be traveling without it and hoping for the best.  AA

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Ya, i've searched a lot too and come up with nOthing! Wish there was a way, he needs to enjoy life and wish there was a safe way to do this. Thx for replies.

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Most Airlines have travel insurance for the Air flight ticket. Approx $15  Hotel Chains have travel insurance also and that varries from Company to company.  I have purchased it before and they never asked if I was healthy or not.


Best Always,  mike

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