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Hi mates it is FRIDAY any interesting plan for the weekend ?

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Not here not feeling very well this week , ,chemo issues I hope, so we will see, what about you mates?.
Have a great Weekend!

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Had snow and rain here in Arkansas...it is spring....going to get out and run around some tomorrow, other than that...church on Sunday and pretty lazy the rest of the time.  Hope you get to feeling better soon!



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Low neautrophil count so I didn't get chemo on Wed. I probably spelled it wrong.

Practiced the ole golf swing and was able to catch a couple more yoga classes this week than usual because of no chemo.

I was thrilled to be able to golf since so many unexpected "things " happened these past months, health -wise.

Just planning on catching up on housework, maybe a movie, and filling the birdfeeders. Resting when I feel like it.
Need to decide if I'll do my taxes or have someone else do them, as well as asess my medical bills. Ugh...
It's still cold on the Chicago area.

Hope you are feeling better soon Pepe. I keep everyone in my prayers.

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Hey Pepe, Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well.  Get plenty of rest this weekend.  

Take care, hugs (()). 


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Hope you feel better soon! Should be at my son's baseball games this weekend but we are still having winter in Chhicago....more snow on Sunday! So it will be a relaxing weekend......starting fourth round of xeloda tomorrow and beginning radiation on Wednesday. Lunch with mom tomorrow.....6th anniversary of my Dads passing.....and celebrating 6th birthday of my grandson. Interesting day 6 years ago....saw my grandson being born and held my dads hand when he died. Same hospital....same day!!Sorry for the rambling......Semding positive thoughts, Pepe 

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What an emotional day that must have been, six years ago. 

I'm sure your dad had the opportunity of seeing his great-grandson in that twilight space between life and death. Bless his heart!

Ramble on. This is what this forum is about. Healing through sharing. 

Bless you!

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Working all weekend. Yuck. Have to train a new person. Double yuck. Hope you are feeling better soon, Pepe.


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sorry to hear that you are feeling bad. I am preparing for Easter.

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Sending our thoughts and Prayers for you to feel better Pepe!


We went to the Farmers Market and got a lot of fresh veggies!   We got the dogs out and had a wonderful morning together. I love a simple weekend where my wife and I can spend time doing nothing but being together.


Best Always,  mike

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Just wanted to send good thoughts your way.  Hope you feel better soon.

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Nothing exciting here,  chemo. disconnect Sat. morning .... wooohoooo .... sheesh have to get back on the schedule when it's on a Friday morning.   Pepe hugs to you, hope your feeling better very soon.   

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