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YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just following up

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Hi I posted back in Feb that my CA125 went from 8 to 42  Dr.  had me wait a month then redo Ca125  well i did and numbers are now at 73. I go for CT scan next week. Trying not to panic however i know better.  Why do they say it could be many things that could cause the numbers to go up when i know in  my heart  that this is NOT good. Has anyone had their CA125 go up for any other reason than the BAD thing . Thank You all again for replies and encouraging words

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I'm so sorry that your CA 125 has risen again.  I've not been in your situation but hopefully other ladies will chime in.  From what I understand, it is very possible for a rise in CA 125 to be something other than cancer.  The waiting for a test can be torture.  Take a deep breath and do your best to focus on other things (I know, easier said than done!).  Try not to borrow trouble, and please let us know the outcome of your CT scan.  We're here for you!  Sending you lots of good thoughts and prayers for a positive outcome.



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I have not yet experienced CA125 go up after completing first line chemo; my first check up is scheduled in 3 weeks. What I am about to tell you is what I am telling myself.

1) CA125 is only one factor and it does not mean that cancer is back, especially if your CT scan comes back clear next week.

2) OVCA is a chronic disease and can be managed for years with estrogen-supressants and multiple chemo protocols.

3) Easier said than done, but try not to panic over something you can not control.

Hang in there, try to stay positive and hopeful. Lots of love - Alexandra

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Ditto to what Alexandra said!!!

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