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Needing serious prayer

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So David was having some hallucinations and visual distortions and today we found out why. He has three lesions on his brain. One on the right frontal lobe, one right cerebellum, one left cerebellum. Now they are deciding whether to do a biopsy to find out if it is plasma cell leukemia or head and neck cancer. Neither are good news. 

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I'm so sorry! I wish I had some words of comfort, but there really are no words at a time like this. You are in my thoughts...

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So sorry to hear about David's additional challenges. You guys never seem to get a break. Of course, you and David are in my prayers. You are one of the most loving persons I know. The loving people we meet on our journey are some of the reasons that make the trip worth while. I know you will be there for David. Rick.

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I'm so sorry, keeping you and David in my prayers.

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You most certainly will have my serious prayers. I know it sounds grim, but you never know. Jsut keep praying and we will too!

God be with you,


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I am very sorry to hear this news.  I hope and pray for you both.



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I am so sorry Viv.....I was hoping it was the meds causing the hallucinations....you are already tucked into my pocket, but I'm tucking you two deeper...sending massive prayers.....I wish I could wrap you in my arms.


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I find myself so sad and angry. Here we just get a new hip and he is hit with this. I so want to start a normal life with him.  We still haven't had our honeymoon. It's not fair. I just want God to reach down and do a miraculous healing. I don't want to think about his funeral again. 

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you in our prayers for both you and David as we have since we met you both.  Im so amazed at the way you have handled your self as Davids caretaker in such a young marraige.  You are a wonderful lady with the strength that only God can provide.  I wish we could say more but just remember you both are in our thoughts and prayers along with all the great folks on HN site who care so much for the both of you.  God Bless you Both.  Doug and Diane.

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Prayers coming....that God will grant you the peace you are so desperately needing right now. I'm so sorry for this news. I hope that the Dr's can work through this for David. David is still very fortunate to have someone like you by his side and not be alone through this difficult time. Your love will help him through this...



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You guys are tops on my list...


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Isaiah 41:10

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand".

Positive thoughts and prayers.

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This is just so very unfair. Please know that you & David will be in my thoughts. I'm sending good vibes and positive energy across the miles to you.



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Dan and I just read both your posts here and at CB.. we are both saddened with you, and frustrated that you two again have another burden with this mean disease. Our prayers are with you both. Don't think negative, keep your positive thoughts, it's so hard, but try. You have been in some low places before and this is a surprise in your journey, hopefully this challenge can be overcome. We will be praying for you both.

Hugs and Love,

Dan and Kari

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My human nature wants to scream right along side with you on this news...but I will simply humble my thoughts and say that I will continue to pray, pray so much that you two can get a miracle you so much need and want....I wish I could do more, but I refuse to believe there is no hope when prayer is involved...sending some love your way Vivian..



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As I mentioned on your Caring Bridge, I am at a total loss for words. Pardon my French but this simply sucks! I am praying that God take good care of you both and bring healing to David.
Wish I could hug you....

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So sorry to hear the news but I was wondering when I read CB.  You and David are in my prayers.



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Please know that David and yourself are in our thoughts and prayers.  I also wish we were nearer to give you a hug.  Katie and Rolie

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We just saw our hematologist.  He confirmed David is no longer a candidate for transplant and now how active disease.  Once they no now which cancer we are fighting now he will begin Pallative care.

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You and David are in my thoughts and prayers as well, may God give you both the strength to deal with this


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Jan Trinks
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So sorry to hear this news.  You and David are constantly in my prayers.  There are no words to express how sorry I am but with this site you know we all truly understand what y'all are going thru and always here for you.  God Bless!


Jan Trinks

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Viv, prayers and positive thoughts from my family to yours are on the way.

God bless!!


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Prayers to you...


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my thots and prayers are with you.  may God bless you with the strength you'll need for your journey.  Know that we will all continue to pray for you.

God bless,


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Once again, all I can say is that I am so sorry about how the disease is going for David. I wanted to bump this thread to the top so that everyone will be able to see it. Rick.

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Vivian, I am so sorry to hear about these new diagnoses.  My hopes and prayers are there for both of you.


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Vivan and David,

I don't know what to say besides I am so sorry. Enjoy the time you are together, live everyday to the fullest and pray. I will pray that God please give you a healing or a treatment they find to keep David here.

God be with you both,


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This disease is heartless!!!! Sending Prayers to you and David!

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