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Optimistic for now

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Well folks you know how things go.   George has a CEA of 2.4 and NED on Pet & CT.   For now we are thrilled.   He is on Vectibix only for now and it is working for him.   We know, however, that what works today may not work tomorrow.   For now we will just relax a little.  Thing is about 75% of his Pet & CT scans come back negative then that CEA starts going up.   For now both are good.    SmileKiss

For now a good day for George & Dyan.....Wink  I think we should party.

George's hair is coming back this picture is a year old

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Posts: 296
Joined: Apr 2012

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What wonderful news!

And a picture to boot. Love it. I think a party is defintely on the books. 

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Great photo!   I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers.



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Congrats on the great dx!   We are very happy for you!


A good looking crew in the photo.


Keep fighting the good fight.

Best Always, mike

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That definitely is good news and a reason to party.  Nice picture of you all.


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Excellent. Party hard. Celebrate every little positive development that comes your way. Just focus on today. It's all any of us have. Congrats.

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It's absolutely excellent news!  None of us have any guarantees, really, and we have to have those parties whenever we can get a reasonable excuse.  And this one is definitely a good reason for a party!  AA


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Really happy for you.....great picture!!!'  -~ Ann

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That is awesome news. And yes you should party and enjoy the moment. You all deserve it.

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Great news - enjoy it!

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