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Pet Scan Results

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Recap - My father was diagnosed with Stage 4 EC in October, 2011 and given 6 months.  He did 28 days of radiation and has been on chemo ever since with the exception of a 2 month break this winter of his choice.    Until this most recent pet scan, the chemo seemed to be keeping the cancer contained from spreading.


Thursday's PET scan showed 8 new areas of growth, in addition to his 7 original spots.  Of the 8 new areas, his lung, back, pelvis and bones are now involved.  Previous scans were done so that we could see the size of each tumor in cm.  This new scan was done in SUV.  Is there any way for us to calculate/compare the size of the 7 original spots or to determine how large the new tumors are?  

Other than some back pain, fatigue and shortness of breathe, my dad is getting by.   They are switching him to the "3rd line of chemo" where he will get an IV med on Day 1, take pills for 14 days at home and then on the 21st day, go back and start again.  Seems to be a similar variation of what he was on in the very beginning. 


I'm just don't know this disease enough to know how rapidly it's going to progress from here.   Thank you for all for any good thoughts and prayers you can send.



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Tina Blondek
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Hi Tracy

Wecome to you and your dad. I was also a caregiver for my dad. He passed in March 2010 from EC/Liver cancer. Sorry to hear that

your dad's cancer has spread. What prognosis do his drs give him? Do they have and ideas? From what I have learned from my

experience is that if you can not have surgery to remove the tumor/tumors, chemo and radiation will shrink the tumors, but it will

not cure the cancer. So, in other words, the treatments will just prolong the patients life. My dad could hot have surgery. He did

have oral chemo and radiation. The treatments did shrink the tumor. But....the cancer went to his liver, and that was the end.

Hearing of all the places your dad has cancer, I am not sure if he can have surgery. My advice is to ask as many questions

as you can. You have to speak for your dad. If you are not satisfied with the answers they give you, go for a second, even

a third opinion. I also learned to go with my gut feelings. Listen to your dad's wishes also. Let him make any final decisions.

May peace be with you all. Keep in touch.

Tina in Va

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Thank you for your response.  No, my Dad was not a candidate for surgery because he had so many tumors to start with upon diagnosis.  When he was diagnosed in Oct. 2011, they gave him 6 - 12 months.  It is now 17 months later and he is still doing remarkably well.  His PET scan from December hadn't shown any spread so this new growth is all in the last 3 -4 months.  He took 2 months off from chemo (February & March) so we could travel with my Mom.  He now wonders if that is why the cancer spread so rapidly but, mentally and physcially, he just needed a break to live for a bit.  He's ready to start back up and fight some more.   They didn't give us another timeline but mentioned that they felt this new round of chemo would keep him comfortable and keep his throat from closing for "several" months.   If his back pain gets worse, they would take a break from chemo and radiate that area.  He currently isn't taking any pain meds so I think he is fine for a while.




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How is your dad, did he have any more radiation? My husband is stage iv EC and has been on chemo for a year, no surgery offered either.


Hope things are ok  for you right now.

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