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bad smell after radiation treatment and naseau

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Have had about 7 treatments af radiation so far and 2 chemo treatments,every radiation treatment seems to leave me feeling naseau with a bad smell surronding me,not sure if its the stuff they use to clean my mask or the table or what.I tried to shower as soon as I would get home and put on fresh washed clothes still no help,only day I have that is descent is when I get a chemo treatment and they give you that steroid and whatever it is for nauseau intraviniously.They have given me 3 different types of medicine (compazine,zofran,ativan)none seem to be helping any.Does anyone have any suggestions???All I seem to want to do is take medicine to sleep in the morning I'm alot better but i slept for around 10 to 11 hours.Was just wondering if all had these issues

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i had radiation directly to the neck, and was over radiated to where i was rotting from the inside, they killed all the good cells on my larynx, and it would regenrate itaself to heal, I ended up in a hyper beric chamber to heal, but forworn, if they suggest this route, get verification from insurance company wil pay for this, it took me a year....and was harassed by creditors, they did pre authorize but BC BS screwed up, and sent the paperwork to another state, and no one gave a crap. I had a few people say I smelled l, how nice....and I could taste nothing but a steel oil manufactoring taste in my mouth, i quit eating for 4 weeks and drinking and nearly died, i went with out a peg tube, not smart....it does go away in time but takes a while..take care, any questions holler...Dennis...keep it up it's a battle..Dennis

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on here who were got nausiated from radiation....it didn't do that to me, but I've sure heard some  folks complain of it.  Ask your Onc if you can possibly use some of your anti-nausea meds for this.  Like maybe take a Compazine before radiation.

As for the smell....bionic noses are created by radiation, or maybe it's the chemo....but it's very common....somebody was (maybe Joe?) was talking just this week about his bionic nose....and he too said something about wondering if only bad oders were bionic. 


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