Tara---You are my hero!!!!

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I responded to your last post.  I am not sure if you saw it.  Here it is again,


You are my hero.  I dont post or check like I used too.   Sorry I missed this post. I have been on vacation. 

As you know,  we were diagnosed around the same time.  Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of my diagnosis. 

I am sorry that your disease is progressing.  You have been my hero through off of this.  I would not be where I am if it werent for you.  You helped me through some difficult days in the beginning.  You were always just ahead of me in your treatment. You will never know how thankful I am for all your rallying.

You have carried yourself with such grace and dignity even when you have been dealt such a difficult hand.  I am so happy that you have seen your boys turn into such fine young men.  You have yourself to thank for that.  You have offered such good advice on this board. 

I really dont know what to say.  I am thinking of you and know that you will be ok.  You are such a wonderful woman.

Continue to follow your beacon.  You have been my beacon and my shining star.

My thoughts are with you as you prepare for the next phase of your journey.

Sending hugs and love,