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I still don't know what the pain is from

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My pulmonary care doctor spent 1 and 1/2 hours with me yesterday and decided to treat me with antibiotics to see if the "abnormality" shrinks.  He is thinking "perhaps" it is pneumonia even though I don't present with any symptoms.  He did say the pain can be caused by this ailment.  SO I will take the anti biotic for 10 days.  If I am not feeling better in 5-10 days I should call my internist and him.  Every doctor who has seen me for this says it might be the gallbladder.  But the ultrasound did not pick up any stones. It did show borderline dilation of the common bile duct.  THAT would cause pain if there was a definite dilation of the CBD.   Cancer was not spoken but he did say he was concerned with what he saw on the xray.

I need a new xray in 6 weeks and a follow up with him within 8 weeks.   

This is sooooooooooooooooo deja vu!

How is everybody doing?  I won't be here a lot anymore.  I did start a part time job and it's fun to be out and about and hob knobbing with people again.




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Exciting ----new job...what will you be doing (IF You dont' mind me asking)! I hope you get some answers for  your pain!



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Keep us posted .. and good luck in your new jobSurprised


Vicki Sam

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It must be really difficult to have pain, "something" showing on xrays and yet no diagnosis.  I hope the antibiotics take care of this mystery and your next appointment and xray is all clear.

Congratulations on the new job.  I keep saying I'd like to have a parttime job, but I don't think there's a job that would let me show up when I feel like it (or not), do what I want to, and pay me a whole bunch of money for it.  Hope yours is great.


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