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I forgot to share this in my post yesterday but in my visit with my ENT yesterday, he was telling me how amazing the skin on my neck looks after having radiation. He said it is so smooth and soft, so many get thick and leathery. I used Aquaphor on my neck 3 times a day everyday from the 1st day of treatment until I started peeling and then used Silvadene cream 3 times a day. I always got up early enough to put it on at least 2 hours before radiation, then after I got home from radiation and then really slathered it on at night. Just wanted to share if it could help anyone else to have a better out come.

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I saw a post from a new warrior on the forum asking for suggestions on neck creams and lotions...his name is DCH21...maybe you could comment to his thread?

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Hi BWGirl,

It was Ok to put the cream on before the rads? I was told no cream prior. I have it with me to put on immediately afterwards (Special Care Cream). We're heading out tomorrow to buy an aloe vera plant. Marcia uses the leaves sliced thin to help with sunburn. I have some redness on the left side where they're hitting me hard and the scar from the surgery is a little raw. If the neck burn starts getting really bad, the docs said they'll prescribe the Silvadene. 


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I was told the same........no cream before radiation........and your right, they wanted me to use it right afterwards. I wasn't real persistant with it so my secretaries used to jump my case about sunburn in February.

Enjoy the weekend "T"


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Adviced by the MD's, nothing on prior to rads each day...


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here too ! I was told to use Aquaphor 2 x a day . After rads and at bedtime and to wash if off before I came to treatments . aquaphor was all I used and it worked very good .


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I was also told no gel before my AM treatment. During radiation I used RadiaGel (my RO gave me a free tube) and when treatments finished I also used Aquaphor. The one benefit out of all this is I no longer have to shave my neck daily. I get some minor peach fuzz that an electric razor takes care of once a week.

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Yes, the neck had to be clean of all creams and lotions, etc. We could lather afterwards, but must be washed/showered off prior to tx.

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Mine just said none within 2 hours of treatment. I did not over do the one before treatment but I always made sure I put it on at least 2 hours before. I would never suggest anyone go against what their doctors have told them. This is just the instructions I was given.

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I never push a product unless i know 100% it works. My nurse recommended calendua cream before i started rads. She told me that women at the hosp who had breast cancer rad treatments swore by this cream. I started it at after week one of rads, applied daily right after tx and as much as you want to put on. I continued all through tx and even 3-4 weeks after tx was done. I loved how my neck turned out after 30 tx's. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't beautiful but i had no cracking, little peeling/flaking and the color was about reddish/brown and very little to no burning/pain to the area.

I still use it, just not as often and my wife loves it too for her dry skin this winter.

Sorry, just my 2 cents : )