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Great Scan Results

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Hi Folks,

Thought I'd drop in and say Hi and pass along some great and encouraging news (great for me and encouraging for those currently in treatment). This past weekend I had a clean PET/CT scan and check up. That puts me at 2 yrs and 7 months post treatment. I had been diagnosed with BOT Stage IV, underwent rads/chemo for TX.

Very nice to see some familiar faces still posting. For all those 'newbies', stay the course, it's well worth it. Life is good! Cheers.



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I don't believe we've met but I am thrilled to meet you and hear this amazing news! It is so nice and encouraging when you "graduates" come back and tell us how good you are doing.
I have my 9 month scans next week and your news will help settle my nerves a bit, thank you!
Enjoy and celebrate!!

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So glad to see NED in the house again .  Enjoy every day Jim!




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for NED's.....Congrats Jimbo....I'm still a newbie, only 7 months out.....bu it does my heart good when you "oldies" come back and report.


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I remember you had good news when I started my journey about a year a ago. And apparently you still have plenty of good news. Thanks for stopping by Jimbo, it's always good the hear success stories!

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I think the NEDS continue to inspire each and everyone of us-(newbie's) especially !  Thank you for the uplifting news, continued NEDS always !   Katie

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Great news

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Congrats Jimbo! As a caregiver to a Newbie this is encouraging news for us! Thank for coming on and sharing that with us! My loved one had a similar dx as yours. He was SCC BOT, HPV16+, Stage IV, with 2 lymph nodes involved on same side. No surgery, just 7 wks Chemo (Carboplatin & Paclitaxel) and Rads. We just had our 3 month PET and were introduced to NED! He's a great friend to have...and I pray we all get a lifetime relationship with him!

God Bless,


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jimbo, glad to hear the good news and the length of time it has been ned for u, that's awsome!  I cant wait until i have been ned that long.  it has been a year for me and i will be getting a scan in june.  i love hearing good news so keep up the good work and congrats.

God bless,


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I’ve read some of your old posts and see you’ve jumped all the same hurdles.  Tell me are you still located in Asia, it probably sounds more dramatic to me than it is.  I know there are a few here at H&N central that clock-in from out of the country (I just find it interesting). 


Congratulation on your clean scan and I will take you previous advice and get some exercise.


1-day from 1-year,



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Hmmmm, oh yea, LOL...

Congrats bro..., glad to hear the news, and glad you stopped in to share...

Best Always,


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I'm anxious to get to my 2 yr mark..your post is encouraging and I am happy for you my friend.



BOT stage III last tx 1/2012

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Jim, first off, great news, and equally as great to have you check in. I hope life is getting back to normal for you and can start to put this behind you.



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Thanks for all the nice comments, folks.

John. you must be one of the newbies here? Oh wait, now I remember you....lol..nice to see you're still posting.

Mike, hope things have been getting better and better for you.

Matt, I am still in Asia - I split my time between Thailand and Cambodia. It is always an adventure. I highly recommend the exercise, I believe it's worked wonders for me!



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