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Lymph edema in mastectomy site

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i have about 300 to 400cc of fluid in my mastectomy site. I call it my "booblet". The surgeon said it should resolve on its own bit may take up to a whole year. I could have it drained, but this would probably need to be repeated 3-4 times. Since I am having no pain,I decided to wait and try some PT instead. I also had some lymph edema in my arm with some painful cording but it is improving with a compression garment and PT. OK, now my question- has anyone else experienced swelling of fluid in their mastectomy site and what worked for you? Should I consider having it drained or just wait and see? thank you.

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LE is not fluid that can be drained by a surgeon.  A pocket with 300-400 cc that can be drained by a surgeon is not LE.  Seromas do develope afteer surgery when draiins are removed too soon.  It forms a pocket filled with fluid and can be drained with a needle.  LE can NOT be drained by sticking a needle.

Who told you to buy compression garments?   IF you are dealing with LE then you need to see a CERTIFIED LE Therapist - not some PT.  All compression garments are not the same and the wrong one can do more harm.  We are all different - high compression garments make my LE much worse so mine are low and work great.  My LE guy is also an OT and PT will not work with me (for issues in other arm and foot) without checking with him first.

Learn MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) if you're dealing with LE.  I use my Flexi-Touch daily as manual is not enough for me.  I have night garments that I also wear every nnight.   LE is in the tissue not in a pocket.

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