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Info on old Bible

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I was given an old Bible recently that has a lot of different sectons in it thn I've seem before.  It is King James version, on the spine is says 'CYCLOPEDIC INDEXED BIBLE Self Prounouncing, Blue Ribbon, Hertel".  The most recent copywright is 1941by John A. Hertel Co..    There are 316 pages before the Old Testiment covering many subjects.  After Revelation, there are another many pages but all are not numbered so not sure h9w many exactly.

Does anyone know anything about this Bible or where I could do more research qbout it?

Thank you for any info you  can give me!

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Try going to the www.AmazingFacts.org web site and post your question there; they maybe able to help. I have a lot of old Bibles but nothing like what you are talking about.


Hope you find your answer

Tim Hondo

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hey thanks honda i will also check out this site.

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Thank you My Lord.



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