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1st PET Scan After Treatments

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Hi Friends!

I wanted to offer hope to others with my good news.  My 1st scan results brought me good news...NED!! 

I finished chemo and radiation on Dec 19th 2012 for tonsil cancer on the left side with 1 lymph node involvement on the same side.

I know that I am not really out of the woods but this is great news and I am going to enjoy life until my next scan or scope.

My voice is still horse, my taste buds and appetite are not 100%, and I still have lots of swelling of the throat area so my recovery continues.  I am back to work full time (credit union). I had the PEG tube removed about a month after treatments ended as I really did not use it much.

I hope this offers a little ray of hope for any of you that are currently in treatments.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel...

Regards, Joan Thompson

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Wonderful news and a wonderful attitude for living life. I finshed treatment August 3rd so I can tell you things will get better. I went back to work October 1st full time, it was tough at first, very tiring but it is easier now. Saliva is better, not great yet, taste comes and goes. Keep up the positive attitude and you will do great!

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 great news.  we always love to hear good news like this.  will keep you in my prayers as i do all my csn family.

God bless


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You are certainly out of the cancer forest.  Now you are simply traveling the road to recovery (and I hope yours is smooth).


Back to work, un-PEGged and scanning NED, congratulations.





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That is great news !!!


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