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Invance sling

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I have not been on this site for almost two years.  Some of you may remember me.  I have had the prostrate cancer night mare as you can remember from my early posts.  Here it is going on almost four years and I am still not done.  I am going to see about the Invance sling tomorrow.  There is also an Advance sling and as for as I know is the only difference is the way it is installed.  This of cource is for my incontinence.  I had some bulking agent added to my spinkter and it did not work.  Nothing seams to work for me.  From what I can remember  when I was on this site before, most of the talk about slings were negitive.  I can get buy with one light pad a day.  That's not to bad for some one who had to have a foley catather for nine months.

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