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fighting_ big_c
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Hi guys, just want to update you all the complete line of meds prepared for my mother this coming Tuesday. Cycle would be 3 weeks in which on each first day of her cycle, she would be getting IV infusion of Avastatin and Oxalipatin (would be given next cycle since it is protocol after a client had a surgery). Then chemo pills for the 2 weeks of the cycle, Tamoxifen and Xeloda, then she gets 1 week off. I am serving my mom good protein foods advised by her medical oncologist. Any feedbacks or advises are welcome :)

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ahhh love your picture....you two are so cute.  glad you have your protocol and some dietary advice.  yes it is important for your mom to get some good protein into her.  I hope you will stay in touch as your mom starts her chemo.....that is quite a list of drugs that she will be doing. There will be lots of people here that can help you if she has problems with the chemo.

Very best of everything as you start this new phase of treatment.....

thanks for checking in......maggie

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I've never heard of using tamoxifen to treat colorectal cancer. Has anyone else?

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I believe this gal's mom has breast cancer also.....


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fighting_ big_c
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Mom has breast ca at the same time :(

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A truly beautiful picture of what I presume is yourself and your mum.

Your mum is blessed to have a daughter to look after her. It will quite the journey for you both, and any other members of your family. 

You are here in the right place to get advice, support, love.

I will be thinking of your mum this coming week.

Be sure and come here often. We will be with you all of the way. 


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find great support here.  Ask any question that you have ... there is alway someone kind and knowledgeable who will respond. -- Cynthia

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Last year after surgery my doctor put me on oxy, avastin, and xeloda. I hope she does well on them...any question as you go along, please feel free to ask.....~ Ann

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Welcome to the board!  We are sending our thoughts and praers for a positive outcome for your Mom. 


Nutrition and Hydration are such an important item to one's health.  Make sure she keeps well fed and well hydrated.  It is very easy when one is feeling down for a long time to let their nutrition take a back seat.


Best Always,  mike 

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I'll be praying for you and your mom. 


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I wanted to mention to keep an eye on neuropathy developing as a result of the oxy.  It's a very common side effect of that drug, and can be permanent.  If your mom is experiencing numbness and tingling in her hands and feet, it should go away before the end of each cycle.  If it gets to the point where she has it non-stop, many docs will decide to cut it back or even take it out all together.  Tell your mom good luck from us, and keep us posted!  Hugs to you both~AA

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