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I just got back from the Oncologist office and I am officially in remission (NED)!!!!!!! 

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Congratulations on being NED...celebrate and enjoy life...such a good feeling!..val

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 Ned Flanders.png




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So happy for you! Enjoy! Hope it lasts forever!

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That is terrific news and I'm sure hearing it was sweet music to your ears!!  May you dance with NED forever.


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So very thrilled for you.   Don't worry, be happy .......!   Get out there and enjoy this beautiful world.

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Congrats on Being NED.. Me too.. Only have to see Dr. LaChance every three months. I thought of you the last two times I was down there and wondered if you were in the chemo room.  so happy for you. Did your hair come in curly? Mine did. I love it. Short and curly

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Vanessa: I have been NED for 1 week today. My hair looks like peach fuzz. I have only been out of chemo for 3 weels. It is too soon for my hair. Where in Maine are you from? Don't you just love Dr Lachance?

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  I am from Rockport. It takes us almost two hours to get to Scarbouough but we think it is worth it to have the best treatment. I Love Dr. Lachance  the biggest reason being that he makes me feel like I am very special to him and that he cares what happens . I am sure he is like that to all his patients. What a gift for a doctor to have.. So glad that you are NED..

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Yeah!  Keep it up!  Congratulations!!

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Glad to be done
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Wooo Hoooo pam...  Hope you are having a great time at your moms


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may you dance with him forever.



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