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Just finishing up my second round of chemo today.  Am doing okay.  Still having some bowel issues which have led to hemmroids which are quite painful.  One thing always seems to lead to another with this stuff.  But I am grateful that I have had no nausea to date.  Still have the stent in my ureter and it will come out on April 4th.  I may need another one for 4-6 weeks but time will tell.  At least I am in no pain from my kidney stone.  It is up beat to read the positive outcomes of many people.  I am also grateful to my neighbors.  One neighbor when she cooks dinner always makes some extra for me.  I don't always eat it, but I sure do appreciate it.  Barnaby


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oh that is the best....I love neighbour stories....you just try a little harder there Barnaby-boo and take some bites of that nice supper that your very nice neighbour lady prepared for youLaughing. sounds like you are coping with lots of issues but doing well......good work!!!

hug.....mags.......ps sorry you have to have the canuck version of neighboUrEmbarassed

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You sound positive and tha tis a plus in your recovery. 

I hope you can work out your bowel problems. You know I find it usually comes down to food. I'm terribly constipated after my infusion days (FOLFOX, 5FU), and don't feel like eating. Once I'm back to eating a fairly normal diet, my bowel movements are back to normal. 

I'm on my fifth infusion, and trying my best to eat my salads and whole grains even if I don't feel like putting anything in my mouth. 

A little bit of execise helps the bowels too. I like to walk, but I have to wiat until our winter decides to quit. The cold hurts my face and eyes, but the walking helps the bowels.

How wonderful to have neighbours who care enough to bring food. One day you will be able to pay that forward, but right now, enjoy being spoiled. 

Good luck, and keep us posted.

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Has your doctor suggested stool softeners for constipation?  I had both diarrhea and constipation during my first week of each 2 week cycle of Folfox.  Immodium and stool softeners helped with each issue.  Good luck!

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I too had major eye issues in the cold winter winds.....we have a big hockey arena in our town that has a place where you can walk around the top of the building behind the seats.....it isn't really warm but warmer than outside and I walked a lot of rounds there when I was on oxy......some people in our town walk at the shopping mall in the morning before the stores open and this year we have a new YMCA with an indoor track......I agree with you.....walking even for 10 or 15 minutes is a good thing on chemo. Sorry just trying to think where you could get a bit of exercise without the frozen eyes.....

and Yovita I agree with you....stoof softeners as opposed to laxatives are a very good thing.


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I live in a small (7,000) rural desert town. No malls. noting covered, and completly open to the elements.

Luckily, the days are starting to warm a little, and I will just go out in the afrenoons and hope the wind isn't blowing.

Thank you for sharing. 

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Eat Eat Eat!   We are glad you are doing better.   Nutrition accounts for a lot of the Cancer/Chemo issues. (Over 60%)  Dehydration is also an issue.  Drink Drink Drink.  I ended up in the hospital during my first round of chemo from dehydration. It is easy to do. Now I drink fluids all day long.


Best Always,  mike


Sending our Thoughts and Prayers for a speedy recovery!

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Nice neighbor!
My husband had constipation problems in the beginning...it was from the steroid...they cut the dose in half and the problem went away.

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Congrats Barnaby!  I just had my 3rd session.  Constipation seems to be an issue with me since the 3rd one.  Ahhhhh.....the joys of chemotherapy!  Kiss


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that you have a neighbor looking out for you!  I know it's hard to eat while on chemo, but do try to eat as much as you can.  It's an important part of healing.  I found it easiest if I ate very small amounts throughout the day (and sometimes in the middle of the night too!)...as my oncology nurse said, "Pretend you're a mouse and nibble, nibble, nibble.".  Hugs~AA

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I found with the first few rounds of chemo that I would lose my appitite on those bad days after the chemo, then eat like a pig on the good days.  Thats why I think I got the problem with constipation, so I am MAKING myself eat the healthy food in small amounts on my bad days, then eat like a pig on my good days.

I LOVE my food.

I also drink water constantly. 

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Barnaby -Try to eat even if you have to graze.....

My great neighbor always shares foods from Trader Joe's or Whole Foods...so helpful
Try to freeze that extra meal for later.

Hydration is so important - sometimes you have to try many different things for your palate! Allow yourself.

I get both extremes with bowel issues and chemo. Stool softeners are very helpful as well as immodium.


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I have been taking miralax every morning.  I will have to ask about maybe lowering the steroids when I go for the next infusion.


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Glad that you are feeling ok.  When you can eat you should.  That is so nice of your neighbor to cook extra for you.  Just food for thought, if you don't feel like eating it at the time she brings it over, just freeze it and then it will be there for when you are up to having a home cooked meal.  Hope you continue to feel well.


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