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Hair loss

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I finished radiation Jan 14. I finished chemo Dec 14 (went through 2 cycles) My hair is very very thin and continues to fall out. It is really dry. When my hair stop falling out. My pubic hair was completely gone but i's going back, but the hair on my head is still thinning. Does anyone else have this problem?  Thanks for your help

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Well, I guess there are similarities but I see them as differences. Curious, how reality is defined by the lens through which one views it.  A few people might miss me when I'm gone but not many and not for very long. That's not to say that I don't want to leave things better than I found them. I do.  I'm pretty content with my life, have some regrets but none with the choices that I've made.  You just keep your goals in sight and put one foot ahead of the other and carry on toward those goals. My attention span regarding my lingering medical issues is very short; the whole thing is getting "old," which is why I'm just ignoring them and calling them my new normal.  In addition, my opinion of medicine and doctors was about as low as it could be before the cancer and nothing has happened to change that, so the liklihood of pursuing answers from a system I abhor, from doctors I neither trust or respect is pretty slim. I bear them no ill will, I simply don't want to interract with them or be involved with them. I know people with phsical challenges that make mine look like a day at the park, and the grace and equanimity with which they face those challenges aren't lost on me, but act as models, as goals that I strive to attain in whatever way that I can.  I have an idealized image of the person that I want to be and strive for that person. So I have some things that I want to accomplish, I have passion for many things, things that I care deeply about and things that I love doing, so I'll do them as long as I can, as often as I can. After that, like I said...  when your time's up, your time's up and one hopes to face that with grace as well, whether it comes tomorrow or thirty years from now. I was in Central Park last Saturday and it was, in fact, as beautiful and enchanted as it always is this time of year. But if you live near the mountains, trust me, you're not missing out on anything down here in NYC.  It's not an easy place to live and takes a huge toll. 

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During my treatment I kept on using quantum xmetics and my hair is very good now. Worked like a charm for me.


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