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Checking In...Sorry for the absence

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I'm so sorry but bad news is hard to give

Here is an overdue update in october i had a biopsy on a lung nodule and had to spend 4 days recoveing from a pnuomthroax. Then i went in for surgey at the end of october and spent 10 days in the hospital after they removed the lower right lobe of my lung that had 5 nodules .

they hoped to operate on my left lung soon after the first operation but According to scans the cancer has metastasized and is spreading. As you guys may know the sad news is that the only cure for this cancer is through removal of surgery. 

Since the disease was getting more aggressive and a new spot was found is on my right lung, Sadly, It was decided that I was no longer a candidate for surgery. I tried getting into a few clinic trials but was unsucessful.

A few months ago I had a scan and the scan showed a new tumor and growth of my other ones. The important thing to note is that this growth and new tumor were in the span of a month that was back in November.

So I recently had a CT scan done about 3 weeks or so ago to gauge the growth of my tumors. 

The results we quite surprising, I show no new tumors and only one of my tumors grew by just 1 cm!  My Oncologist was very pleased because she mentioned that this was NOT a slow growing cancer.

This is very good news to my family and I as we are still in the fight. I am convinced that pray is a huge part of my healing and I am so grateful for everyone’s prayers and thoughts.

Currently I am not receiving any chemo or radiation and I feel pretty good for the most part. I still get fatigued easy and I must eat every two hours or I start to have lots of difficulties with breathing, coughing and I lose focus and I my energy will start to get drained fast. So I try to eat often :)

(This is difficult since I still have swallowing and very little saliva from my radiation treatment last spring) and as you guys know my food must be soupy or saucy.

Ok, so here is what I’m doing to fight since I’m not currently going through any treatment.


• No gluten

• No Soy or Whey

• No processed food

• Very minimal sugar intake

• No caffeine 

• Minimal dairy

• No meat injected with hormones

• No Soda

• Brown Rice Protein Shakes

Vitamins & supplements: 

• Vitamin D 5,000 4x daily

• B-complex 4x daily

• Turmeric/Curcumin 

• Vitamin C 1,000

• Probiotics 

• Magnesium 4x daily


• Cinnamon (to offset the sugar in my diet)

• Fish Oil – Omega 3 (And lots of it) 4 tablespoons daily

• Juice plus 

What’s next?

Well, there may be some clinical trials coming up that might slow the tumor growth down. The doctor says it won’t make them go away but it might keep them at bay. I know more about the trials in the next few weeks or so. 

I’m not psyched about going back on chemo, and my hope is through prayer, diet and attitude I can continue to beat this! My family and I are in good spirits and we have lots of hope.



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Sounds like you still have a ways to go.  sorry to hear about the recurrance, it is good news that at least right now the tumor growth is slowed. Hopefully they will get you a workable plan and get you fixed up.


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I was JUST thinking about you the other day! It was good to hear from you. I'm sorry that things went a little haywire but I also believe in prayer and I will say a huge one for you tonight!
When will you know about this possible trial? It would be great to slow this down. There are a couple people on here now that are doing trials, hopefully they will be along soon to fill you in on what they are doing.
Keep eating healthy and keep praying and keep that great attitude, you amaze me!
Take care,

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It is nice to see you and your bird again; we missed you, but understand your absence.  I wish you the best of luck with your diet and any chemo or trials you may be a part of.


Best always,



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Nick great to hear from you, I had to say it was quite a shocker to see a message from you, LOL...

Sure wish that we would have a chance to get together, but the area you are in is awesome beautiful, the beaches are some of the best in the state..., and seafood at it's best.

Soak up some of this warmth to carry with you on your trip back home...

Keep the fight, kick back the problems that popped up, and never give up.

You definitely have my thoughts and prayers brother.


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Great to hear from you.  I've thought about you often in your absense.  Living with dignity is what its all about.  I'm glad to hear you are doing well.  Thank you for coming back.


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It totally stinks that you have to go through mets.  But your attitude, diet, and spiritual strenghth will bring you far.  I believe.....period.  Please keep us updated when you can.  And Nick please remember you are an inspiration, and in our pockets here always.  Katie

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Are you still doctoring at The James? I wish your news was better, but sounds like it's holding steady for now. Prayers

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In the last months we've had a few "Where is Nick770?" threads......nobody knew....so hearing from you comes as a relief.....thank you for coming back and letting us know how you are doing.  It appears that....reoccurance of not.....you've taken the bull by the horns and are taking care of yourself quite well.  It sounds like what your're doing is working.....

We missed you....I missed you.....bus partners are like that....Smile


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Yes I missed you and yes I sent positive thoughts. Hope the recent positive trend will continue! Best of luck Nick.


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Thanks for stopping in...missed you! Have had you in my prayers and will continue same. God Bless!

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Thank you for checking in...give it all you've got.  Sending thoughts, prayers and hope.  Take care.



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I have been reading on the web about some surprising results with a drug called low dose naltrexone.  It was not originally made for cancer patients, but a doctor Bernard Buhari started using it for cancer patients and was able to stop the growth of cancers in many of his patients.  Go out on the web and look up low dose naltrexone...they call it LDN, or low dose LDN.   I am thinking about using it just to keep my cancer from coming back.  You need a perscription, but it is only $1 a day.   There are no bad side effects.  I found a doctor in Houston that is perscribing it and so far having good results.

Doctor Bernard Buhari used it for several years and has published his results.  Ann

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I saw your message post and was excited to see you on the board again, then as I was reading your post got sad, then at the end of your post was up again and cheering for you!  Good lordy man, you are on a serious diet....I should take note.

I am delighted you are up.  I am sorry for the hurdles you have ....but boy does your attitude inspire and yes, you can win with that plan, especially the prayer :)

I hope you can come back often and keep us posted and just chat.  I whispered a prayer before hittin the submit button that you beat the beast back down !!



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Just as others, I too, thought of you often. I'm sorry for your setback, but it sounds like you have grabbed the bull by the horns and decided to take charge. The diet you have taken on seems sensible. I'm very glad you have decided to take the positive approach here and that has a lot to do with our health and well being.

Thanks for checkin in with us. Keep in touch.  God Bless you on your journey.


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So  glad to hear from you Diane has been wondering about you and she was thrilled to hear you back on line.  Sorry your dealing with some tough issues but we are praying for you and your family.  Please stay in contact and know we are all hear for you.

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