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Our New Journey finishes one course and starts another

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2 days Post Treatment!!!!

Hi All! The radiation and chemo treatments have come to an end HOORAY!!!!! The next course on our jouney has me on the road to recovery and healing from the side effects of the rads and chemo. The burns on my neck have started to heal and I no longer have to use the silverdean (I know that isn't spelled correctly but I'm too tired to go get the container). This is a good thing because it was so hard and painful to clean off between treatments. My greatest problem now is the thick mucus and the pain it causes on the back of my throat and waking in the morning with what feels like scabs caked to my tongue and back of my mouth. They are very painful to wash off. I find using the PEG for feeding difficult. Seams whether I go slow or quick, lay back or sit up, I get heart burn and feel very full very quickly. I still dehydrate and had to go for fluids this afternoon. My wife and I are keeping a close eye on this and trying to hydrate normally. I read the string about swallowing exercises this morning and am first to agree with what was said. I met with a head and neck therapist early in my treatments who gave me a list of exercises to do daily during treatment and recovery. I met with her today and told me even with the pain, I have more mobility with my jaw and throat muscles then most do at my level of treatment and recovery. In fact I have lost no mouth opening capability at all!  Thanks to all of you and the info you send out to everyone during their treatments and recovery, Its a blessing knowing that there are others with experience that can help others endure the process and hardships that come with this type of disease. Daily I ask the Good Lord Above for his mercies and blessings on each of you and for success in recovering from this hiccup in life. I look forward to the time when I can share my successes with the folks coming here for answers and advice.

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