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Thanks for responding to my previous post

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Thanks to everyone who responded to my previous post about whether to wait and see versus going ahead with surgery and radiation.  Overwhelmingly, the response from people was that the treatment is worth it and the risks of not getting treatment are too high to take the chance.  I am getting a final recommendation from my original cancer doctor tomorrow, but I am 90% sure I will go ahead with robotic surgery at the Mayo Clniic followed by radiation treatments nearer to my home.  Mayo Clinic gave me a 90% cure rate for my condition and course of treatment, which was very encouraging.  The information on this discussion board and the many individual responses I have received to my posts have been very helpful to me and I am better prepared to go into treatment and to make the necessary arrangements with friends, family and work to be able to focus on treatment and recovery.


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Don't be a stranger.  The folks here were amazing helping me to get though the treatment and i'm sure their suggestions kept me from suffering more of them.  

Take care and come back often.


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Hi Michael,

I'm glad to read you'll be seeking treatment. If I may....

Initially, I wanted to get my radiation and chemo locally before getting my 2nd opinion at Johns Hopkins. I figured I could drive the 20 minutes, get my treatment and go to work afterwards. Radiation is radiation and chemo is chemo right? Unfortunately not. The RO and physicists that configure the radiation treatments at Johns Hopkins cannot do that for a machine at a different facility. If you seek your treatment locally, you're subject to what the local doctors will prescribe and it may not be ideal. There were several other disturbing developments that took place that made me run from my local facility with my tail between my legs. 

If Mayo is talking about a 90% cure rate, I believe they're doing so based on you getting your treatment there. Please take a look at this link. http://health.usnews.com/best-hospitals/rankings/cancer . The local hospital I originally considered had a rating in 24.7 out of 100 and isn't even recognized as an accredited cancer treatment center. 

Sometimes it's worth going to a couple of different stores to save a few dollars. However, when it comes to cancer treatment and your life, it's worth buying everything in one place. 



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T's post.  How so many of us...when we first come in here....have this idea in our minds of what we can do...what we will do once we start undergoing treatment.  My thinking was so much like your's T.....I pictured myself getting my radiation in the mornings so I could either be to work by 4:00 pm for swings, or in bed by 1:00 to work the midnight shift, and go to rads in the morning when I got off work.  Just drive myself...no problem.  Figured I might have to miss a day or two of work for chemo days, but since they were only every 3 weeks, no biggie there.  I remember coming here and asking.....did anyone work thru treatment?  The ones that did were the ones who were able to work from home....Today....now that I'm past treatment by many months, I think back and see what a fantasy that was.....what a dreamer I was....LOL. 

What I did find tho.....was a whole slew of family and friends who were willing to help me....even found one "new" friend here on CSN, who lives in my town....she led me by the hand, and gave me encouragement....

Michael....stay close to this board.....the folks here will guide you thru treatment....the practical stuff that makes it doable...the stuff the Dr.'s (who have never been on the radiation table) haven't a clue about.  For every question there will many options to try.....if one doesn't work, you move to the next....one of them will work for whatever you're asking at the moment.

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Your post rings true. How much has changed in the short time I've been on the boards. I sit here writing from Hope Lodge in Baltimore 5 rads and 1 chemo into treatment. The reality of my situation is much different than I imagined just a couple of months ago. 

I'm already feeling the effects of treatment and it's just beginning. To think that this will affect me exponentionally over the next 5 weeks has me wondering how I'll be able to even drive the 5 minutes to the hospital let alone the 2 hours to and from home. I hope I can but I won't expect that I'll be able to do so. I thought I could get my treatment and go to work. That's not in the cards. Even working remotely from here is a challenge as treatments, appointments and the side effects make it difficult and it's only going to become more difficult.

The reality of cancer is far different than we can ever imagine. The reality of treatment is far different than we can ever imagine. Because we all react differently, we cannot tell cancer what it will and will not do with our lives.

"One day at a time" is a phrase used much on these boards. How true that is.




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I'm so happy to hear you've decided to go with treatment, you've been on my mind a lot and I've been hoping to hear this decision.
T and P are right, please check your facility thoroughly and check their statistics. I am lucky to live in Los Angeles and we have many large cancer centers but that being said I still did a bunch of research.
Even if you have to drive or stay temporally away from home for treatments, it's worth it to receive top notch treatment. If you do end up having to drive you may want to start lining up some drivers who can help you. Trust me you will become exhausted going thru treatments.
Stay close to us and we will all be here for you. No question is off limits or silly.

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Well let me say “you won’t forget this decision”.  There are probably only 100 more (little) things to do and to learn about before you begin.  Don’t forget to review the superthread it is a real deep read and don’t forget to ask anything because someone will have an answer.


I did not have to worry about driving or working (too much) as I chose to take one Lorazapam before mask time and I slept most afternoons.  You will be fine and hopefully you will have a smooth ride.



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One you definitely won't regret....

Well in the middle toward the end of treatment you might, LOL...

But, at least you'll have the best chance for survival and a year from now will be here still kicking around and glad you made a good choice.



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Ingrid K
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as others have said, I am so glad you decided to go thru with treatment.  I was thinking about you a lot and hoping that this post would show up. 

Don't be a stranger to this forum.  No matter what you encounter, there is probably some one of us that has been thru the exact same thing, so come here and ask away.

And one day you will be one of us "more experienced" survivors, giving advice and encouragement to others just beginning the battle.

Wishing you the best.



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The Mayo, excellant place to start.  I think with your positive attitude, you'll get through to the other side before you know it !  And yes this group of people are wonderful.  There is such strenghth in the knowledge of what they have gone through to kick cancer's butt.  We'll soon be hearing that from you !  Keeping you in my pocket, and sending positives !   Katie

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