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biopsy today

greg from pa
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hello men, I am fairly new to this board.I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma base of tounge primary witm mets to lymph nodes in 2010. following chemo and radiation ,by the grace of God,I had a clean PET scan in late 2010 and was declared in remission. 4 weeeks ago through a routine physical it was discovered i had a psa score of 24.The test was repeated 10 days later and the score was 42. I had a biopsy today will now wait until april 11th for the results. I had IMRT in 2010 on my mouth and the side effects wre pretty rough.i would not look foward to going that route again.Can anyone who had this type of treatment on the prostate comment on their experience? Also has anyone been treated with the radioactive seed therapy who would be willing to share their experience with this? My urologist would only say based upon my PSA score we would be very happy if this was not cancer. thanks in advance Greg

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