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MRI and CT Tomorrow

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I completed four treatments of Folfiri and Erbitux (treatment 4 was last Thursday). I'm managing to endure through the Erbitux Acne and other side-effects. So far CEA has dropped since starting these treatments. Tomorrow I go in for the MRI and CT follow-ups. The hope is that the tumors will have shrunk / stopped growing and that possibly these treatments will make me a viable candidate for liver resection surgery. My oncologist has already told me that even with great results I will still undergo several more Folfiri / Erbitux treatments before surgery...

I'm feeling stress and anxiety right now (along with side-effects from last Thursday's treatment). Sometimes this cancer stuff is a real pain!

Anyay, I know I'm not alone... Many of you have been here before and it is comforting to know that you know what I'm going through...

Figners Crossed in Michigan,


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Phil, we are sending our thoughts and prayers for a Great Outcome!  I am 4 weeks behind you doing a similar treatment.


Best Always,  mike

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oh sending you the best of luck for tomorrow Phil....I really really hope you can see some shrinkage and get on with surgery in the near future.  You poor thing.....that acne just sounds like the worst.......never had that drug.  .....but I have had two liver resections so I am right here when your time comes.  Phil my cottage is up near Sault STE. Marie in Canada.....we are on a teeny island and I can see the light of Detour Michigan easily.....Wondering if you still have snow? we are just swamped......

okay all the very best with toes crossed for tomorrow....



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Best wishes for great scan results!  I'll be sending you warm thoughts and sparks tomorrow.  :)

Take care,


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Another set of fingers here in Michigan crossed for you and wishing you the best!



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Good luck tomorrow!

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Praying for the best outcome on scans and hoping that you get some good news. 


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let us know how things go.  We'll all be thinking of you!  Sending a little strength your way~AA

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the best of news. Breathe deep. -- Cynthia

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Stress, fear anxiety, in-between all of this, try to remember you have any people here praying or sending good thoughts your way. 

Our hearts go out to anyone and everyone who struggles through these trials that cancer brings our way. 

Bless you, Phil!

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Wishing you the best results possible and a little bit of peace of mind meanwhile( if that is possible).

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Good luck. Will be thinking about you and will look forward to hearing the results. My husband, Steve, is in a similar situation. It's no fun!


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Wishing the best for your scans and results......understand the stress and anxiety! Keeping fingers crossed in Chicago....~Ann

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Sending good vibes and postive thoughts across the miles to you. I understand the toll that waiting takes on you. We all have our arms around you.



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Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. Please know they are very much appreciated.

Love and Light to you all.


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you are in my prayers. BTW my fingers and toes are crossed.

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on your MRI and CT!  Thinking and sending good thoughts your way!  And don't scratch that rash!


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Good luck tomorrow!  My fingers are crossed for you too!

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Good luck to you, Phil. Sending positive thoughts your way...


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Best wishes my Michigan friend. 

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Phil - Hoping all results are guiding you to surgery and healing. My chemo was moved out and tests due to low neutrophils. Am making the best of these extra days. Thinking of you -Barb

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