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How To Reply To A Topic

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Sorry for being so dense, but I can not figure out how to reply to a thread.

I clicked on my first post and did not see anything on the bottom of the page like 'add reply' .

Thanks for any help.


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In the box that surrounds this reply, there will be a line that says "reply to this post".  Click it, and your response will indent and follow just behind mine.  If you want to reply to the original poster, which in this case is you, just locate the similar line in the box that surrounds your first post.  If you don't see such  a line, then you truly have a technical problem:)



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And make sure that you log in.

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Joined: Mar 2013

I understand now longtermsurvivor. I thought the reply in someones box was used to quote their thread.

Thanks for the help.

By the way, with my current vision problems I see all kinds of lines that are not technicaly there. Smile




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Just as an FYI...

If you click  "add new comment" on the very first post on a page..., it'll put your reply last on the page...

If you click "reply" to a reply (someone elses reply) to the original, it'll put your reply just under the reply that your replied to and slightly indented to the right...

Also, in your other post, blurred vision...

If you want to edit the title, on the top of your original first post, and to the right you will see edit... click that and you can edit your original post and or title of the thread...



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