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BP. Sitting verses Standing

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This is something Texas-Wedge and I talked about a month ago.  Why my Nephrologist had me taking my blood pressure setting and then standing.  Your BP drops when you stand up because of the blood rushing to your feet when you stand. Your pulse will quicken at the same time to try to compensate for the BP dropping.  What our question was, Why take it both sitting and then standing within a couple minutes of each test?

Well the answer is, if the BP drops to less than 110 systolic than it may be an indicator of dehydration.  Anyone with only one kidney needs to be concerned about dehydration as it can damage your one working kidney.  Out of the 30 days I tracked BP in both positions my pressure dropped to 110 3 times and to 107 once.  I guess not enough to worry him because my kidney function post surgery as improved from approx 30% to 39% which is much better than I anticipated.  I'm happy and the doctor is happy with the kidney function results since I do not have to return to him for six months. One significant concern and hurdle out of the way for now.



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First of all Ron, I'm very glad to hear of your good results and I hope you go from strength to strength.

What an interesting explanation from your Nephrologist and I think it's a piece of information that we all ought to know about.  I'm guessing that most members here didn't know that (except for iceman who has a tame nephrologist in his camp!).

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Yep, that is why I was feeling so weak and dizzy last week...I was dehydrated plus my Dr. had increased my BP meds by 10mg because my pressure was a little to high after the surgery. Once my kidney started healing my BP started to return to it's normal reading but the extra meds was making it drop too low...so we went back to the regular dose..

Also, in general, if someone is complaining of weakness and dizziness it is a very good idea to do this on them as well as it can indicate internal bleeding, cardiac problems etc...

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