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Port question

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What is the longest period of time you have gone between port flushes, and your pot continued to work?  I don't need to go back for three months, but think probably that is too long between flushes.  I have gone eight weeks before.  Just curios.  I am on the daily blood thinner shots, too.

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Well....have to be shamefully blunt and tell you every 6 months for me.  Okay you can hit me now, but never had any issues with the port.  Doc didn't really recommend to have it flushed earlier so let it go.  Asked the RN in his office a year ago who suggested stick with 3 month mark, so now I'm following her suggestion. 

Ro, with being on blood thinners that might be a bit stickier, don't know as I'm not on the meds now.  Be interesting to see what others post.

Glad you're doing well...Kiss



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I went two months once. But when I told my dr she said no every 4 weeks or once a month.  The nurses said I could go every 6-8 weeks, so I did.  It was just very time consuming to go every month. 20 minute drive to the hospital.  Pay $6 to park at the cancer clinic because it is valet only. Go upstairs, sign in and wait 15-20 minutes then see the nurse for like 2-3 minutes then leave go back downstairs and wait 10 minutes for them to get my car.  Then the 20 minute drive back home. Yeah, I kn ow that is really not that long but it took time out of my day off when I could spend the time doing other things.  Then I wait and get the bill for my portion of the access and the heprion (sp) lock.   I kept the port in for 22 months.  If they say it is ok to go that long then I would just beause of the time is takes to go every month. Wishing you all the best. trish

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My oncologist told me it should be done every 4-6 weeks.  I've been going every 6 weeks with no problems.

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I have gone as long as 12 weeks and usually go at 8-10 week intervals.  Susan

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