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You are all inspiring

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Hi Ladies,

Have a friend just diagnosed - reading all your positivity makes me so happy! You all inspire me! Tongue Out

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A lot of it does depend on the stage of her disease.  Stage I and II have much higher cure rates.  Also she MUST be treated by a specialist, a gynocological oncologist.  Mine, I am convinced, saved my life with surgery alone - I have also had a lot of chemo.

Having said all of that statistics are tricky things.  Remeber those include everyone - including those who are much older, in poor health (other than the OVC) AND those who are not getting the best treatment.  And there is always the other side to those stats - the positive side.  

I was diagnosed as a stage 3C nearly 6 years ago. I am now 47 so also below the average age.  I to read all of those statistics and they can be scary to say the least.  The first and ONLY time I brought up statistics to my doctor, he said nothing, just gave me a stern fatherly look and his nurse simply said "Oh we don't discuss statistics in this office"   That was some of the best advice I have ever received.

Your friend is her own person - not just another statistic.  She needs to focus on her body and getting better -  and work with the doctors to come up with the best plan of attack for her.  Once she has all the information that will help a lot.  Not knowing exactly what is going on, believe it or not, really is the worst part.  Do what you can to help keep your friend calm until she has all the facts - then go from there.    

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You sound like a very caring and supportive friend.  Be aware that a lot of the stuff you read is outdated and should not be used to try to forcast your friend's future.  People defy the statistics all the time.  Many women on this board are living proof of that.  Like 123Miley, I would implore your friend to get herself a gynocological oncologist.  Having this type of specialist is a MUST for ovarian cancer patients.  Come back to this board anytime if you have questions or concerns.  Your friend is welcomed too if and when she feels up to it.


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Thank you!

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