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pancreatic cancer

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Hi.. My dad had a whipple surgery for pancreatic ca .It was in the head of the pancreas... this was in July of 2012.. He is doing ok now..He is back working.. He just turned 75 years old.. He just cant seem to gain any weight.. Anyone else with the same situation? Thanks

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Good for your dad!  I'm his same age, have been fighting PC three years.  He's fortunate not to be loosing.  Check with his doctor.  Consume extra (healthy) calories, eat smaller meals more frequently. Indulge in healthy snacks - popcorn, pretzels, baked chips and salsa or guacamole, nuts of all kinds.  I like almond butter on crackers or sometimes with morning toast. You've probably heard this already.

Strange, I hardly ever come on this board...went on to check out how to care for my now totally bald head and found your post.  Hope this helps.


westiefriend in SC 

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