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How are you, Sue?

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Hi Sue,

Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and hoping you are feeling okay.

I read that you have good pain meds, so hopefully they are doing their job. Pain is so exhausting.

I wish you a speedy and easy recovery.

Gentle hugs full of love,


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Hi Lisha :).  That goes ditto from me, Sue.  I had a mild case of shingles a few years ago (by mild I mean it wasn't wide spread and it cleared up fairly quickly).  All I remember is the burning sensation when my clothes touched the effected areas and later, itching as it healed.  I think they recommended some sort of oatmeal bath product which helped with the itching.  The prescribed valtrex as well.

I hope you fell better soon sweet lady.


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Thanks guys...today is day 6 since the outbreak and still having to take the pain meds every 6 hours. The pain meds are pretty strong and I don't like the way they make me feel, but much needed to tolerate this burning deep achey pain. I can honestly say I've never felt this kind of pain before...child birthing was easier, I swear! The blisters are at the weeping stage, so hopefully when they dry up things will start to turn around. Tummy is upset from the antiviral medicine and constipation from the pain meds, so to say the least, I'll certainly be happy to get this behind me. Miss not having my sweet Lizzy, but there is no way I could handle her on top of this..UGH! I'll let you know when things get better. Thanks for thinking of me...Love...Sue

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