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New, awaiting FNA

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I'm new here and I am waiting to have an FNA in 3 weeks.

I was sent to an endocrinologist because I am a diabetic and my PCP felt he could help me manage my blood sugar.

While examining my neck he found a nodule on the left side. He sent me for an ultrasound and then I wasn't due to see him for another 6 weeks. I was told that they would call me if they needed to, but that "no news is good news" if I don't hear from them.

At my appt. 6 weeks later, the dr told me that I have something like 9 nodules. Several are small, but one one the left is 2cm and the one on the right is 1.2 cm. He scheduled me for an FNA as I've said.

I asked him why I wasn't called during that 6 week time period. I assumed everything was fine because I hadn't heard from him. His explanation was that "only 5 % turn out to be malignancies".

Reading this board it sure seems like a lot of people are getting this cancer, it's hard to believe that it's only 5%.

 Naturally I'm very scared about the possibilities. What complicates things is that I am on the Lantus pen and oral medications for my Diabetes. I can't imagine having to take more meds too.

It's all so complicated and confusing. Of course I'm jumping the gun. I don't have a diagnosis yet, but the fact that my one nodule is 2cm is really scaring me and my voice is a little hoarse at times too. Sometimes I feel like cancelling my FNA appt and just going on with my life in ignorant bliss , whatever happens.

I'm not handling this very well. Thanks so much for listening. So many of you are the bravest and strongest people I've ever encountered.



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Not to be flip, but, the 95% don't post here. 

I could tell you not to worry about it, but I would if I were in similar circumstances.  I had a lymph node in my neck swell up and was told don't worry 95% of the time it will go down on it's own, I worried. 

Well, I'm one of the 5% where it didn't.  But, if it HAD turned out to be nothing, I would never have even looked for this support group.


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How was your FNA? did you get any answers? i just joined today. i had my 3rd fna today. and probably my last. thats another story. besides i wont hijack your post. i cant add anything because you have had this done by now. i hope you had a good painless dr performing the procedure.

take care,


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Hi TJ,

I do not know a whole lot because I am new to this site as well, however, I do know that 2 weeks ago I had a Ultra sound of my thyroid and a week later I had a biospy and was told the same thing about the 5% rule of it being benign. Well I WAS the 5% that it wasn't benign. Out of 3 nodules (any time nodules are 1 cm and more they will do a biospy). One nodule was "suspicious of cancer". The pathologist reported verbally to my Endocrinologist that they were sure it was cancer, but wanted to wait until after the surgery (TT-Total Thyroidectomy), which I will have next week (May 28th). I had a second round of biospies which showed Thyroidglobins (proteins) were found in my Lymph nodes, which now they will also remove (this possibly means cancer could be there as well). Please be pro active as much possible, I don't have all the answers because my walk has just begun, but I am very pro active with the Endocrinologist and researching everything I can get my hands/internet on. This site has helped me alot to understand the yea's and nay's of Thyroid Cancer. I asked my Endocrinologist what type of cancer was it he said Papilliary Carcinoma. I also have to go through RAI (Radioactive Iodine treatment) once I heal from the 3 hour surgery. I hope this helped you a little. I am praying for all of you.

God Bless


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 There have been a lot of famous and semi-famous people who have had thyroid cancer too. Fshion model Angie Everhar was just diagnosed with it this month!



 Baseball player Doug Davis his mother and sister had it too.


 Pennsylvania senator Joe Scarnarti also had thyroid cancer.



There was a head and neck surgeon that also had thyroid cancer I found online 5 years ago but I don't remember his name.


Wes Wehmiller bass player for Duran Duran died at age 33 in 2005 from thyroid cancer but nothing online says what type he had.



Sheelagh Nolan  dietician and wife of Canadian politician Danny Graham died at the age of 43 after more than a two year battle.


 Actress Catherine Bell  had it in her 20's.


 Actress Sofia Vergara had thyroid cancer at age 28.


Fox News sports reporter Jeanne Zelasko had thyroid cancer at age 41 in 2007


British TV presenter Clare Balding  had thyroid cancer at age 38 in 2009.


Rod Stewart had it in may of 2000 at the age 55.


Actor writer Hill Harper had thyroid cancer in his 40's.


Actress Jennifer Grey had a cancerous nodule at age 50 in 2010.
Former child star Susan Gordon died December 2011 at 62 from thyroid cancer.


Joe Piscopo had it medullary thyroid cancer in 1981 in his early 30's.




The American Society,The National Cancer Institute and others report that thyroid cancer is the fastest growing cancer in women and men.Some studies say that thyroid nodules,which 50-60% of people have are benign 5-15% of the time,most always used to to say only 5-10%,which most studies by radiologists and endocrinologists still say. Also, I found a lot of people both men and women with thyroid cancer,on general health and thyroid disorders boards,*not* just cancer sites and forums!


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