And the Scan Results Are..........

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Ok - enough suspense.  CT Scan was clear, Yeah!.  This is 1 yr NED as of Jan 31, 1 yr colonscopy found a small polyp and removed. 

As a CC stage 3b with signet cell I must say I feel like I can breath a little today.Laughing

I had the CT Scan on Sunday, yes Sunday, my hospital does these also on Sunday.  It worked out great.

I am taking this one day at a time.  Paying attention to "me" for a change. 

My wonderful kids are taking me on a trip in June which I am thrilled about.  I have not been on vacation in about 3 years.

My best, best, best to everyone.


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    Yay !!!

    Yay for the results. Thanks for updating us. It will surely help a lot of us to be hopeful. Enjoy your vacation and post pictures when you can.

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    Wonderful news. Congrats.
    Wonderful news. Congrats. Make sure you celebrate. The trip sounds great. Nice to have something to look forward to.

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    congrats on your wonderful news.

    so happy for you and so happy to read some good news!


    thanks so much for sharing.


    Often people might be affraid to share the good news, as they might feel bad because so many others are getting bad news.... but your good news gives hope to others.


    I hope everyone will Keep sharing the good news!!!


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    Whoooo Hoooooo

    What a way to look forward to a vacation with clean scans!!! 

    Wonderful news, so very happy for you!!!

    Winter Marie

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    Great News!!!   We are so

    Great News!!!   We are so happy for you.  It is always good to hear good news when sometimes we can get overwhelmed with the bad news.  Keep up the good fight!


    Best Always, mike

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    Great news!  Enjoy planning

    Great news!  Enjoy planning for that trip!

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    jen2012 said:

    Great news!  Enjoy planning

    Great news!  Enjoy planning for that trip!

    Enjoy your overdue and so deserving vacation!
    Have fun!
    Great news!

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    Great to hear!!!

    Great to hear!!!



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    Fantastic news!

    So glad to read it.  May this be just the beginning of a long and healthy new life!  AA

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    So glad to hear this good news. Now to start planning for that trip!


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