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Has something like this ever happen to you?

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I got done with my AM rounds of TX. We went to a local diner afterwards for breakfast. A sweet older couple sat near us.  The lovely lady (mind you, she's wearing a pink t-neck), saw me, had a sad look, and started to sob.  Bless her heart. I just want to go over to her and hug her to reassure HER that I'm ok.  Maybe she's a survivor?  Just wanted to tell her, NO REALLY, I'M OK.  LOL 

speedy recovery to you all

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Things like that, I think, happen more often than we know.  When I was going thru rads and was wearing my shirt that said, the sun didn't do it, radiation did, I got some strange looks, but, also a lot of sweet words from others.  Some were survivors and some knew someone that had cancer.  I also had my pink bc bracelet on, so, I guess it might have been obvious to some, if they were looking, that I was in treatment or something to do with bc. 

Your sweet lady could have been a survivor, or, maybe knew someone that was.  BC affects so many, not just those that have it, but, those around us, those that know us and those that have someone in their path along the way that was diagnosed.

I give out lots of smiles to people and hugs!  They are free!

Thanks for sharing this!


A big hug to you,


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I was at the mall having lunch by myself wearing a headscarf.  Another survivor walked up, introduced herself, told me she was a 5-year-survivor and hugged me.  She told me how wonderful I looked and how proud of me she was for going through treatment, but also living life.  That made my day.

Hugs, Renee

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I worked for 9 months while dealing with recurrance, mets, and treatment for these.  I wore scarves to work.  I was amazed at the number of people who shared their stories/experiences with me.  It happened over and over, some times I felt I handled it well...sometimes not. 





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but not many 'hugs'.  Hugs are very personal to me (and many others).  For one thiing I am not a germaphobe but I don't want stranges who could have "God Knows What" drawing me that close to thier body or their hands on me.  This should be especially respected when seeing a person who appears to be in chemo and/or rads as their immune system is not working as well as it could.

I had a bad experience with a woman I had known for years but hadn't seen in a very long time (Just an acquaintace - never friend).  Saw her in a Convience Store one day.  She ran up and all but tackled me with a huge bear hug and then loudly said "They told me you had a mastectomy but they were wrong - you feel normal!"   Even before that I was not one who blindly enters other personal space.  There are many reasons why many are uncomfortable when entrapped by a stranger (or even friend).

Winyan - The Power Within


Added: Even a gentle hug can be horrendously painful/harmful to someone dealing with nerve damage, lymphedema, seroma or unhealed incision.

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Susan, you are so correct.  When my pains from TX was at it's worst, I couldn't even ask my partner to hold me. Although I am accustomed to random people being empathetic and/or encouraging, I have never had someone just break down in front of me. I just added her to my prayer list. I know we all process this differently. I am so thankful that you ladies are here For the words of encouragement and my "HUGS". TY

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