Hello my husband is stage 4

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Hello everyone my husband was diagnosed with stomach cancer the day after Thanksgiving 2012. No symptoms but after vascular surgery plavix and asprin caused internal bleeding, red blood count was a  3 or 4. Test after test revealed it mets to his liver, so the game plan changed and right now surgery isnt an option. He goes for his 3rd treatment this week. All we can do right now is hope and pray that he responds well to the treatment, we test in June.



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    Sorry to read of your

    Sorry to read of your husband's cancer. I highly recommend you go to the "Can't stomach cancer" web site. You will find excellant education information on stomach cancer. They are also hosting a webinar April 20th, 2013 which will include experts in stomach cancer research giving presentations on various treatment options. 

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    Thanks I will definately

    Thanks I will definately check that site.