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ALK gene mutation

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Hi Everyone,

Its my first time posting on here. My story in brief... My husband (33) has been diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma of the Lung stage 3b and some say stage 4. It is in his lymph nodes in his medialstienum and neck. He has down 2 rounds of chemo (alimta and Cisplatin) and has done great. The only side effect was hiccups and after switching steroids, they went away. We are getting his first CT scan this Friday (fingerscrossed).

We just found out today he is positive for ALK gene mutation :) I know that having this mutation gives me more treatment options and people tend to react better to chemo with this mutation. Does it give him more years to his life?? I hate hearing that everyone is different..... I want some answers. Originally the doc told us he didn't have ten years and that possibly 5-8 was more reasonable. Does anyone know/have a similar case and how are they/you doing? What treatment are they using and how long have they had it?





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The ALK drug can add years to his life expectancy.   It will probably keep him going until the next drug is found.  They seem to announce a new targeted therapy every few months.  please let us know how he does.  

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