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Lung Nodules

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Hi my name is Trisha and I have Lupus. I know this is a cancer site and I just have a couple of questions for anyone that can give me some insight. 6 months ago on a ct scan they found 2 nodules on my right lung, they said repeat scan in 6 months, so i just had it done yesterday and one of the nodules measure 2mm larger that before, 7mm now. I know that it is not that large but it scares me that it grew at all. My Rhuematologist said that I didnt need another scan for a year. I dont know, but that seems like a long time to wait. I would like to know if I should wait that long or should I see a pulmonary specialist, get a biopsy(if possible) I dont know, but I am only 33 years old and I have 3 children that need me. I just dont want to sit and wait if I should be doing something about it. Thank you in advance for anything you can tell me.

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Hi Trisha,   I would not wait a year for next ct-scsn..... Pulmonary specialist would be a good idea, if something serious catching early gives best results......  Wishing you the best ...Dan

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If you can't get an appointment right away please contact your PCP.  Because of your age doctors would not consider you a risk. But if you have lungs you can get lung cancer.  Please check the radon levels in your home as well. 

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trisha...please do NOT WAIT to get a second opinion, or consult your family doctor and ask him/her for a referal to a specialist..i have lung nodules and lung cancer...i just recently developed these..so please..your youth is a plus for you..but do NOT wait to have this situation adressed..

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In my recent X-ray (routine checkup0, a nod had shown up. After that I was immediatly to go for CT scan which showed a single nod of 9mm. After that my Doctor advised me to go for ACE blood test to check on sarcoidosis. The result nos were within the permissibel limits. Now my doctor has advised me to go for X-Ray every month to check on the growith. Pls advise if I shoudl go for second opinion as well. Other than Fatigue and once in a while breathlessness , i am not showing any other sympom.

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Yes do get a second opinion.  No matter what the disease its always a good idea.  If you can get it at one of the National Cancer Institute affiliated centers.  http://cancercenters.cancer.gov/cancer_centers/index.html

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Please get a second opinion.  Small nodule was found in my husband's right lung.  At first they wanted to watch it because of the size but it had grown over 6 months of PET/CT scans.  He is a cancer patient first with laryngeal and then cancer at the cervical of his esophagus.  Our H&N specialist pushed for a biopsy.  One was done and it is cancer.  Not saying that is your problem at all, just saying push for the biopsy and see a specialist who knows about lungs.


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