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which way does she turn?

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Joined: Jun 2012

just for fun;   post you answers..... clockwise or anti-clockwise


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She locked up my kindle...but was turning clockwise for a bit.

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Looked counter-clockwise to me which would put me in the left brain group which is odd because I am an artist-designer ... But, try as I may ... I could not even make it seem like it was going the other way. :). Cynthia

Just went back to the site and now she was turning clockwise ... weird that your focus can change like that without trying but when I tried to force it I could not make it happen, life lesson? ... I need coffee

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She was turning completely clock-wise for me, couldn't make her go the other way at all.  If clock-wise is somwehow right brain, I'm not surprised.  I'm so right brained, I'm amazed that I don't tip over in that direction when I walk (well, I do, sometimes, but that's more the gin than anything.)  AA

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When I first looked, she was turning clockwise.  I looked to the right slightly for a few seconds and concentrated on making her go counter-clockwise and she went counter-clockwise.  Clockwise was more natural feeling for me.

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Clockwise for me. try as i may could not spin it the other way.

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I can make her spin the otherway and I can also make her stop spinning...Cool

Guess the 20 years meditating in the cave paid off.

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you get a totally different perspective

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She turns both ways for me.  It took me a while to get her to spin counter clockwise. She also pauses before changing direction. 


Great Fun!


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