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Did I mention that I am not the only insane person?  My relatives have really, seriously gone insane. Apparently, my little nephew has taken up a collection on FACEBOOK (OMG)  for a juicer. Did he ask me if I wanted one?  Of course not until he started this mess.  Did I mention I already own a juicer?  Sigh.... 

Please shoot me now!  Ugh!!!  I know that he is very sweet and that he loves me,  but OMG.  I am mortified. 

Maybe I'll have Danny juice some kudzu. Remember the tech who told me that kudzu tea cures cancer. Now I've got the giggles. 

Save me from family!!! 


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I just snuck my juicer out the back door to a friend who actually juices.  YIKES my family is just as goofy - sending me the asparagus paste cures cancer email and stuff.  That asparagus slime probably DOES cure cancer,  bu I'm not shoveling that stuff in my head for the rest of my life YUK!

Why can't someone send me a cupcakes cure cancer email?  THAT would be helpful!

That boy must really love you!  He didn't just tell you about it - he made sure you HAD one.  Give him a BIG HUG and try not to roll your eyes in front of him :)

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for a nice vaca when you are through with your biopsy! lol   I just love when this stuff happens, sure puts a smile on your face quickly.  For real, I wonder how many people will think that if you do not have the money to buy a juicer you must really be in bad shape.  Hawaii is sounding pretty good...

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You and Danny can take you 'new' juicer to Southern Japan - where Kudzu a plant in the genus Pueraria climbs, trailing vine native to Japan. 

Family, gotta love them -- if necessary, you may have to set boundries as well.

Gentle hugs,

Vicki Sam


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Can you juice chocolate?????



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I'm still watching my inbox for one of those emails that tells me, if I just send $50 to a Nigerian bank, they'll tell me how bacon cures cancer.


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those crazy friends/relatives with all the "good advice."  On the bad days, I wanta just smack 'em!

Hugs, Renee

missrenee's picture
Posts: 2137
Joined: Apr 2010

those crazy friends/relatives with all the "good advice."  On the bad days, I wanta just smack 'em!

Hugs, Renee

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Double Whammy
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I guess you just have to say "thank you" and love him for coming up with something he thought you'd appreciate.  Did he have to rally the troops via Facebook, tho?   Oh my!   Who the hell wants any gift when they've been told they have cancer, anyway?  It isn't a party . . . .

Big hugs,



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I never heard of this cure before and I've read a lot of quackery.  I looked up the plant and though it covers everything, it has a beauty of it's own and there are benefits from it though not for cancer.

 If only it had some cure in it for cancer, the vine wouldn't grow quick enough to help all those who would benefit by it's use.

It is really an interesting plant but I don't want a cutting of Kudzu.  In the days of gardening at a historical mansion.  The owner once introduced bamboo and I was at war with it until I had to resign due to a foot injury, then cancer and blah blah blah.  The Bamboo won!



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Gabe N Abby Mom
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OMG...I had a similar event.  About 3 weeks ago my friend gave me a juicer...she took donations at her church.  I graciously said thank you, but haven't used it yet.  Our daughters go to school together.  Her daughter keeps asking my daughter what kind of juice we've made.   Mortified is a good word for this....



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Your nephew should have inquired first.  Maybe he needs a juicer and hope you had one and give him this one.  How old is he?

People have inquired what they can do for me.  Other than deliver me from this disease which they can't.  I don't need anything.  I wonder what they expect me to reply.  I'm not a bride in need of household appliances, I don't need much at this stage of my life.  

Often I read about people who have fund raisers on their behalf for their cancer.  I do understand those who have no coverage for the health, no family leave, are unemployed or have some kind of family hardship and etc.  Some I know are well covered with health insurance as I am.  They have leave and are make good salaries.  I've read of two and I keep wondering why funds are needed.  I would have wish they turned them into the Center that was just built.  One of them goes there as she was included in the article about the new center.   Some people take advantage of everything and Cancer is one that is misused in many cases.


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