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Still searching for those currently on Stivarga (regorafanib)

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I only know 2 people on this board that have tried this drug and unfortunately, unsuccessfully.  

You may have more luck on the Colon Club site.  There have been several on there that have used this drug.  I don't know their outcome or results.

Best wishes - Tina

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if you search under the drug name in the forum's search box, you should pull up any related posts.  Unfortunately, I don't think anyone there was successful either.  There have been some trying Zaltrap as a 3rd line chemo and having some success.  There is also a thread there on clinical trials, and I know a couple of people have been on trials that have been working out really well for them (I want to say it's an immunotherapy trial, but I can't remember).  Anyway, that might be worth checking out too.  Good luck, and keep us posted.  Ann Alexandria

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Someone on another forum I read is a caretaker for someone's who's on this, I'm sure she would be willing to answer any questions you have.



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My husband was on it in November through February.  The first 2 weeks, the tumor shrank so much it was like a miracle.  He had recurrence where the original tumor was in his rectum.  His cea # dropped consistently.

Unfortunatley he also had a perforated bowel because of radiation and he passed away Feb. 12th.

But the onc and us were really please with the way stivarga worked, but the side effects were pretty hard.  He was totally wiped out, loss of appetite and dry skin.

Worth a try if nothing else works.

Good Luck




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