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 COME ON !!!!... WE MISS YA'

WHERE YO' BE !!!!!  Tongue Out


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I've had the same notion so I second that emotion.  What's the skinny, Vinny?  Do miss you around here.

Jim Laughing

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I finally found Vinny's last post but thought it was sooner than it was.  It was Jan 23 under the heading "Fingernails"  It seemed like out of the blue then because it seems it had been awhile since we had heard from him at that time.                                                                                                                                                                      


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   I have even sent a couple of private messages and never got a response. Then again he would have to get on the site to even know the messages were there. It says they went thru, but I do not know for sure. The site can be funky sometimes. John

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Hi Vinny,

Hoping you're enjoying life to the Max! Thinking of you 






John, I was also wondering if you've heard from Denise (scuttlebug)? Wondering how she's doing after her SCT...

take care 


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No,  I have not heard anything from her. This happens too often where we never hear from members again. I could go thru at least 30 people that used to post on a regular basis and then pulled a houdini without a word. I can understand when people decide to get on with their lives. I am all for that, but at least tell us they are leaving the site. We become a family after talking to people on here for months and then BAM !!! they disappear. There is nothing we can do about it I know. As I am typing this I am recalling people that never post again. So far I can recall about 20 or so and there are plenty I have forgotten thru time. I am talking about people that posted for months and months. There is a member on here that I talk too and they have my number if they were to think something was wrong and they could call and visa versa. Might be a good idea for other people to do. Just telling my feelings here. John

PS: Maybe they were right back in the olden days when they said the world was flat. The lost members went to far and dropped off the edge.

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