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Brain Cancer Killing Cap - TT Field

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My Dad had his first MRI after completing radiation and temodar treatment today and they have found that the tumor is radation resistant and has changed the status of the tumor from Anaplastic Astrocytoma III to Glioblastoma. The Dr. recommended a new approach that has only been around a few years called TT Field Cap.  www.novottftherapy.com  They need to make a decision tomorrow if this is how they will proceed.  I recommend yes as this is not harmful.  Does anyone have any experience with this device? 

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I too am in a similiar situation.  No experience with this unfortunately but would like to know more.

Depending on user expericences, I'm open to just about anything.  Have some Q's about treatment success rate,

insurance coverage (e.g. financial,etc.)


Q. Does this have to be resistant to conventional radiation to be covered under insurance?

Q. How long to you have to wear the cream?

Q. TFields therapy is delivered using non-invasive, insulated transducer arrays.  (Would like to know more about this..)




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I think that the doctors who offered you the Novocure TTF should have also supplied you with answers to all these (and much more).

From my own reseaerch I know that you wear 4 electrodes on your head which are quite large and "stick on" either by a gel or by means of a retaining cap that you can wear over. Your scalp needs to be clean and shaven. You carry on you a device that powers those electrodes and you must wear it for a long time, 18/24 hours. Occasionally you may get hot (eg in a hot climate outdoors under the sun) and your skin will get hot and sweat, so you must avoid that. The device is battery powered so you have some autonomy and you get 3 sets of batteries that last 3 hours each. So you must spend some time indoors charging them, you cannot be out and about all day.

The arrays is simply the delivery of electricity to your brain or other part of the body. If the electrode was simply a piece of aluminium foil or silver or gold or copper, it would harm your skin, so they have devised a different material to come into contact with your skin to reduce or eliminate completely skin damage that would otherwise occur. The electrode array is simply there to protect your skin from harm, it does not make the treatment any better. If you did not care about skin damage you couild use ordinary kitchen foil.

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Thanks akist  !! That was helpful.

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