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I Flashed My Neurologist Today!!!

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Joined: Jan 2013

He the Dr. that has been by my side these past few years trying to get someone to do surgery on my spine and he was the one who ordered the new Myleogram/CTScan that the tumors showed up in. I saw him right before my surgery and I told him if I didn't make it for some reason that "he was the best and I loved him for fighting for me like he does"...He said " He said he "Loved me too and hoped everything went well and would be praying for me" and I know he meant it!! So today I walked into his office with my coat zipped up and like you see on TV when girls open their coats and they are naked...I unzipped my coat and ripped it open to reveal my new orange Tee Shirt that says " I'm A Survivor"...I thought he was going to cry there for a minute...!!! While I was going through recovery he did actually present my case to a panel of six Drs. with the new scan but he told them about the cancer so they put it on the back burner...he says there is another meeting this Friday and he asked if I was still wanting the surgery and I said "Absolutely, as soon as I know my kidney can take it I am ready"...No sense in beating this thing twice if I can't walk and my back hurts all the time...I want to get out there and live the rest of my life the best I can and as healthy as I can!! He laughed and said he figured I would say that so he will present my case again on Friday...I am very excited and look forward to the time I can have that surgery too...

BTW..just wanted to share the pic of my 4 awesome grandsons....the best reason I had for fighting so hard!

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Beautiful babies and the best reason in the world for fighting :D Hugggsss

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Joined: Mar 2012

What a wonderful family!! Truly a fantastic reason to fight so hard!! Keep it going!! All my best to you!!!  <3




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Love it.....beautiful children.

Eims x

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Thanks you guys...I just talked with my daughter a few minutes ago...and I had to laugh...the background noise of 4 little boys was insane...I am going over tomorrow to visit, can't wait...Your little one is adorable too Eims..I have been laying on the heating pad and taking Percocet the past 4 days so I really hope my kidney heals fast..I really need this back surgery..LOL...I am a glutton for punishment I guess.

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