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Happy Birthday Mom(Wolfen)

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i know we dont do a whole lot of birthdays on here but i thought this person really needed the "Happy Bithday to You".not only has she had to deal with me (her daughter)dx  stage 3 colorectal cancer 2008 then in 2011 dx stage 4 with a vengance with mets to liver and lung.now she is dealing with my stepdad who has 2 different types of cancer.one in his lung and then one in the back of his tongue moving up to his sinuses.i pray everyday she has the strength to make it thru.she is amazing to handle all of this and then come on this board and give everyone here positive thoughts and support.i now know where my Grit comes from my butt kicking cowgirl mom and i am her cancer butt kicking cowgirl daughter......Happy Birthday Mom (March 18) Love You and as always....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Thanks for letting us know JBG!   You are right, your mom deserves many birthday wishes!   Wolfen, I hope you can find a few quiet minutes to do something you enjoy and relax a bit on your birthday.   Not sure if my graphic will work, but sending birthday wishes...

 happy birthday anigif2_zps2a009084.gif

happy birthday
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Thanks JBG for letting us know!

Dear Wolfen, Happy Happy Birthday!  Thank you for your participation and love and caring which you give here.

Wishing you a good day and lots of love,

Marie who loves kitties

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I know it sucks to have reasons to be on a Board like this, but since you are, I am very grateful to you. You are:






and much much more. My birthday wish for you is simply that you can celebrate it.

Hugs from California,


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And I echo the sentiments above. I LOVE that you and your daughter are butt kicking cowgirls - how else would either of you get through all of this? Wish I could borrow some of your gumption right about now! I hope you have a pleasant birthday with no complications. Wish I could give you a hug.


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Wishing a great birthday!   So glad we get to celebrate you today! 

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Happy Birthday!!!   Laughing

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Happy Happy Birthday Wolfen!!!  may you have a joyful day!!Wink

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Like Mama - Like Daughter....

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree:)

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She has "true grit" and is an inspiration to all of us on the board.  Big b-day hugs~AA

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Happy Birthday Wolfen!!!!

You are such a great support on this site.. Thank you so much...

Happiest Birthday wishes to you always.. !!!


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You brought tears to my eyes with your comments, and it's hard to make this "tough ol' lady" cry. But, cry inside I do, for each and every one of us that have to face this harsh reality each day. Cancer, not birthdays, that is. Once you pass 65, birthdays are a piece of cake!

Thank you all for your warm wishes and kind words. It's been our tradition for several years to eat at Joe's Real Bar-B-Cue on each of our birthdays. They offer a free dinner. Great food and I'm all for "free". Although hubby can't eat, if he feels well enough to go, that's the plan.

As for "true grit", ya'll have more grit in your little fingers than I have in my whole body.

Luv Ya,


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Happy Birthday Wolfen! Enjoy!!

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Happy Birthday!   We hope all of your birthday wishes come true, and you are having a special day wiith your family.


Best Always, mike


PS  We will be down your way the 5th

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Wishing you a wonderful day Smile

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Have a wonderful day ....~Ann

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Happy Birthday Wolfen. Hope you had a great day. You deserve it.


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Have a great day - all the best



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Happy Birthday!

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Happy, Happy Birthday to you.  Your plate is so full with your hubby and JBG but your strength shows in each and every word you write.  I can see why JBG is such a gentle soul.

Best Wishes - Tina

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happy birthday!!! JBG you are a wonderful daughter & wolfen you are a wonderful MOM!!!



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I hope your birthday gave you some fun and peace.  I continue to pray for you and your loved ones!  Aloha my friend!



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I hope your birthday was great and I pray your year will be FILLED with Love and countless Blessings.


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