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Throat burns.

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Lime Flamingo
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I received a diagnosis of Anal Cancer early February 2013.  I have complete 5 radiation treatments and 1 week of Chemo infusion.  On about the 3rd day I thought I was just sick from Chemo, but I had contracted a virus that moved into Bronchitus.  Happy Happy Joy Joy.  I have been very sick but seem to be improving from the extra gift.  My throat burns as if I have the worst heartburn ever.  Has anyone else had this happen to you, if so, do you have any advice for me?  You all have made this alot more manageble for me.  I have been reading it since the first day of diagnosis.  Bless you all!


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Hi. I am sorry to hear you picked up a virus during treatment. ot fun! I hope you feel better very soon. I did not have the pain you describe. Make sure you are rinsing your mouth with a warm salt water rinse a few times a day to avoid getting mouth blisters. Hang in there!

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I'm sorry you've had to find this site due to your diagnosis.  We will gladly lend you our support.  About the throat burning, I did not experience that during treatment, but I agree with Marynb's suggestion, so give it a try and see if it helps.  I'm glad you are finding some helpful information here.  Let us know if we can help you further and please keep us posted on how things go for the remainder of your treatment.  You will get through this--it won't be fun, but you can do it!  I wish you all the best.

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I have colon/rectal cancer as well, I was taking xeloda chemo by pill form and after 5 days I had red sore hands,feet, and mouth sores followed by a very sore throat. My doctor stopped my chemo for just over 2 weeks then restarted it at a much lower dose. But at day 4 I started to get the same side effects. So my doctor stopped it again and told me that it looks like my body is rejecting the chemo, that there is no other chemo I can take. So now I am waiting to see if I can start my radiation. I was told that there are 1-2% of people that just cannot take any chemo. So now I am going to do some research on using natural methods.

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Hi There,

I was diagnosed with Anal Canal Cancer in September of 2011. After much research, including visiting this board, I made the decision not to have radiation or chemo. I had watched a video, that led me to do weeks of research. Everything I saw backed up the information in this video.  Please, PLEASE take some time to watch this video. It quite literally saved my life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0psJhQHk_GI

Incase you're a little skeptical, and think I'm a wacko, I do have the medical documentation to back up my claims and am willing to share that with you if need be. If after watching the video you want any info, please contact me. I have tonsssssss of information on this.




BTW..This is now a recognized protocol for treating Cancer in Spain. 

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Good luck with that. Rather risky choice, in my opinion. Never thought of Spain as a medical mecca!

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Hello Lime Flamingo,
So sorry that you have to join us in our fight against this cancer, but glad you found this sight as it has been a real blessing to me. I did not have throat burns but I did experience severe heartburn which I was told is a side effect of the 5 Fluorouracil, I took Nexium for the heartburn but it was so bad the Nexium did not touch it. I had to be careful what I ate small frequent meals, no fruit or fruit juices, no spices, no caffine,no fried food and small amounts of dairy. I don't know if you are experiencing heartburn or something else I would check with your doctor.

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