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lost once but now found

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My 5 year clearance, or NED is this June.  I am so grateful.

Days, weeks, maybe months go by without thinking about it.  I work now with a bunch of new teachers who never knew what I went through.  None of the administration does.  It is so true that most of us carry an untold burden or two.

I am around, come and read up on the happenings.  Rob and Buzz's death really hurt bad.  Not that the others didn't...but they were two of my closest buddies and I really thought they were going to make it.  Both of them, all of you, really enriched my life.  And it will always be sad what this BEAST has taken from us, their families , friends, communities.  

Just wanted to stop in for a bit.


I will be back another time

Hugs from Minnesota.

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It's been a long time.  I will send you a note :)   I can't believe how much time has gone by, but am so glad you almost 5 years NED.  That's HUGE!!!!  Smile

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JBG and I are still around. Unfortunately, I've had to include another in my family. My hubby now has cancer, different from colon, but my friends here are as supportive as ever.

Did not know Rob well, but losing our Buzz was quite a blow.

Glad to hear all is well with you and that your teaching is going well.



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And SO VERY happy to hear of your 5 years NED. 

Im sure you know who much that means to us who are in the midst of the battle to hear of survivors. It really helps to balance out the loss of those others who haved been so much loved on this forum. 

May you continue with your sucess and pop in every now and again to share you joy. 

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Well done, and congratulations!!!!

Stories like yours are stories of hope. Thanks for sharing!


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Congratulations!  Hope you've got something fun planned this summer to celebrate that milestone.  Hugs~Ann Alexandria

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Patteee, 5 Years is a landmark!  Congrats to you!


I love hearing the positive news. All to often we get caught up in the bad news. It is nice to have something to celebrate!


Best A;ways,  mike

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and thanks for stopping in to share the good news.  Take care.

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